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  1. I guess it will happen very soon,so we will just have to wait for some recovery time for Altcoin to see the Bitcoin movement first,i think altcoin will move up.
  2. I think every project needs funds and members to create markets,and so many projects also use ICO to promote projects to get a reputation as the first not the best.
  3. I think the binance Launchpad is good, but it's very difficult to be there,you need to have up to 40+Binance coin to be able to contribute/participate, and for me its too high.
  4. To be honest, I really don't trust those ratings I usually see in some bounty that make a task to her community to positive rating in some legit website,i see that as a manipulation to get people to invest.
  5. I agree with you, because so many people are getting good earning on monthly basis, if they work on daily basis and enjoy it but we have no information when this compaign is going to end.
  6. Well, the crypto ICOs means initial Coin offering where you are offered some initial coins and you will be looking for good projects to invest in,It sounds good and I admit, it was very good start but not right now, because scammers have taken over.
  7. Welcome to this cryptotalk forum, i will advise you first read rules about this forum and follow this properly, then secondly you have to do 100 useful post free,then 30 post a day . I hope you will earn money soon friend.
  8. Nowadays ICO are very much avoided by almost everyone, especially investors who have been very careful about ICO issues,where ICO is the most project that has caused scam issues in the crypto world today.
  9. To participate in an IEO, you just have to registered in the Exchanger and go to thier IEO dashboards and find good coins to buy,but i will suggest you on binance platform and before you start ready your huge amount of money .
  10. Well, i think before you can start investing in small investments, you first need to invest in those coins that are not very high in price. Then your profit will rise in the long run.
  11. I guess its possible to lose more in bitcoin, because investing in it is very risky, cause if bitcoin price change over time, do not invest all your money, just invest the amount you can afford to lose.
  12. To me, panic sell is something natural, because at times when trading and we can see chart do something reversal we will panic, but if we put risk and reward on position it would be no worries.
  13. How long bitcoin can survive? Well, i think it will survive forever, these days crypto currency is becoming very much interesting to all, because of its multi uses. people can easily make profit from it.
  14. Well, am not that comfortable when it comes to investment, so I don't invest all, but I want to use 50% portfolio to invest in crypto, Investing in Cryptocurrency is very profitable ways.So i want to invest on this.
  15. It will be really interesting to see, but too bad it will not happen, Ripple will never overtake Ethereum,Ethereum has already moved a lot in terms of capitalization.
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