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  1. Daily sword has a very big risk, if done in the spot market, daily traders need the price of cryptocurrencies that have extreme movements to get a chance to get a profit. But if done in the derivatives market, you can find opportunities by observing the ups and downs of the price of an asset.
  2. An interesting question, fiat currency investors will deal with the Central Bank and it must be known that the central bank will carry out any policy to maintain the stability of its currency, whether it will harm or benefit its investors they don't care. Whereas Bitcoin investors will not deal with central banks, the price of bitcoin is determined by internationally recognized requests and offers, Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million and cannot be changed.
  3. I often hear news about cryptocurrency being used as a means of payment on the dark web, they use privacy coins to transact and cover their tracks. But the Blockchain has a track record and cannot be erased, the police can definitely uncover it.
  4. The game of the faucet if done to fill leisure time is more beneficial, even though it pays a small nominal but provides income. Instead of taking part in airdrops or giveaway promises of great prizes, many of them don't stick to them and end up scamming.
  5. I agree with you, Bitcoin is here to replace the old system, disappearing differences in currency exchange rates between countries and I consider differences in currency exchange rates today is a form of economic colonization.
  6. I am a fan of cryptocurrencies and more often use cryptocurrencies for any transaction. I interact more often with the platform Yobit, so I chose Yobit as the best. Paypal has a very good quality and track record, but they do not support cryptocurrency transactions.
  7. I still consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to have a good future. Indeed hacking cases often occur, both attacks on exchanges or on cryptocurrency wallets, are just a risk. Over time, hopefully all kinds of problems can be resolved.
  8. Wow ... This is a very long topic, you explain a Bounty program in detail. Everyone has different thoughts, for me to prefer a bounty program that gives prizes in the form of cryptocurrencies that already have high liquidity. Hopefully there are other members who join the bounty program that you share.
  9. Basically cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of energy and competition is getting heavier over time, if mining is done using a cellphone I feel is not profitable. Conversely mining activities with mobile phones can be detrimental, activities that use batteries in a large and continuous manner can cause damage to your cellphone.
  10. gambut_24

    Binance Launchpad

    Almost every month Binance always holds a Binance Launchpad, IEO conducted by binance indeed invites high enthusiasm from members of the cryptocurrency community. Their IEO program is also accompanied by AMA, a promotion to introduce a very innovative product in my opinion.
  11. I agree with you, me in cryptotalk like a family, make or tell each other's experiences, raised in a topic or comment and hopefully it is useful. We can only try our best, the matter of reputation let the reader determine.
  12. There are various ways to earn income by doing business, such as if you buy at a low price and sell it expensive, you get a profit and that's business.
  13. 17,000 litoshi is only worth around 0.07 USD and the assignment is to watch videos, which consume a lot of internet quota. I think the assignments given and the results obtained are not comparable.
  14. Bitcoin is a digital currency, has no form and can be used as an international payment instrument. Dollar is the traditional currency of a certain country.
  15. Bitmex trading does not require its members to verify KYC, they only forbid US citizens to trade there. Bitmex exchange is famous for the Derivatives market.
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