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  1. If you have the patience, you can wait a long time to see if the price can recover. Usually after the exchange is listed, the price of those currencies will be under the ICO price, the price is determined according to the market demand
  2. You post about these two projects explaining how this post works. IEO and ICO are both equal, working together. I can't agree with you because you say these two are different
  3. IoE exchanges are run so that people think it's safe, become an icon. Both EDO and ICO are the same platform created for snatching. I totally don’t know much about it .
  4. Where corporations operate their specific icos and also emphasize their specific meaning. In addition to people can easily spend money on ICO. Yobit Exchange is based on the major internal exchangers, in fact it is much less difficult
  5. You will be amazed at the number of coins you have collected. If you want to make good money with these apps, take it as a game to enjoy. Applications These are very true and they have many users
  6. I think either way, there is no better application or site than Cryptotalk. Like Cryptotalk or Cryptword, you can earn ethics and BTC for free. This is the only best site in the world.
  7. If your keyword phrase is compromised, I suggest changing wallets. It may take a long time but it will not be good if he gets access to your bitcoin. Different combinations of words can make endless attempts to access your wallet.
  8. You can send or deposit from various other wallets and there is also a very small deposit amount, what I personally like is that it supports many other wallets. One of the best wallets to offer as it supports Bitcoin, Litcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  9. You can choose any wallet for Etherium, different wallets are used for storing cryptocurrencies, using different crypto wallets depending on the features. Check that the wallet charge is very low and the environment and safety come.
  10. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The ERC20 remains the currency and uses the Etherium blockchain in this way
  11. The final decision should leave the subject to what readers want to read, you give all the information in one post and it helps new members to solve their problems. Helps new members to solve their problems, to give good knowledgeable posts and you give all the information in one post.
  12. My goal is that quality posts and reputation will depend on the individual's attitude towards my posts, I am happy and meaningful when I get reputation. The more you contribute to the forum, the more important the reputation
  13. Benefit from us and we have benefited from them too, but their earnings are higher than ours, the platform makes their money through the number of users. Gives free money or crypto
  14. Create 30 posts per day and save your balance on Yobit Exchange, make the first 100 posts and then start earning on Satoshi. Link a handful of accounts to cryptocurrency promotions
  15. Moderators will remove spammers and violators where they are cleaning up. Payments are now much lower than we were paid, Bitcoin has declined due to epidemics and this has affected cryptocurrency payments
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