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  1. This will be the very first earning of mine on internet I will be very pleased to have it, but still I have to wait for two months before I can make withdrawal, still hoping for good.
  2. The bitcoin is always the best to buy and hold for any amount of time. As the market works with bitcoin, all the other currencies move with it, so the best one is bitcoin.
  3. The day trading or working on exchanges is less risky as compared with forex trading, but with higj risk forex trading can earn you a lot more than crypto or day trading or trading on exchangs.
  4. There are price differences on plateforms sometimes more than 100$, but the fee they charge never let you earn from these dufferences, so there is no way to think of arbitrage trading.
  5. I bought etherum when the price went below 150$ and still jeeping it and will keep until it reaches or touches 300$ or 1000$ in future, the amount will be enjoyable.
  6. There is no certain way you can examine any coin, you should invest in new coin in icos or like that, keeping an eye on theur projects and the value they provide with the mind that can bear losses too.
  7. Great, the patience is at the top and skill is not even mentioned, and also there are certain things like constancy, learning from mistakes and also making strategy.
  8. The investment you put in investbox will keep on increasing with daily adding of daily percentage, if you have invested 100 and get 10% today that is 110 then your investment for next day is not 100 it is 110, you will get 10% of 110 next day and so on.
  9. When we are greedy and we want all of it what us being offered we start posting without caring much or the content, and ultimately we lose everything, that is why the number of posts are reduced to 20 per day.
  10. The dice you are talking about is not too good coin, and you losed in dice game because you must have used emotions in the game and increased the amount of bet, and losed at the end, and the game will show up again when you will have balance in your account.
  11. Here are most of the people that are just writing to complete the number of posts here, we can figure them out by the length of their replies and also by the content, but there is no way to write greatly as most of the people don't know much about cryptocurrency.
  12. You are right but the problem here is not the wait of 75 days, it is about the rate of new currency given by the forum, I have seen in one of the post that the rate is about 0.0005$ and we don't know if it will be more or less, that is why a lot of people have losen the hope here.
  13. I am using google chrome and the same feature is available for me too, it is amazing feature as sometimes the browser is closed unexpectedly so the editor keeps our written message safe and we can continue our thoughts where we left.
  14. I am too unable to u derstand the very thing here, I think we should chose topics that are too old, to post replies on them that is the only way i find to survive from the post deletion.
  15. Such useless people, the modirators chose not to public the identity of points givers so the revenge seekers can be avoided and now people are doing this useless and negative deeds, he should be punished strictly.
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