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  1. Today I am sharing a website where you can advertise your business and earn money with their refferal program too. The website names cryptopros, it is an advertisement company that gives you 14 day unlimited text and banner impression for $2 in BTC, ETH or LTE ( amount equal to $2, whatever the rate is). You can also buy log in ads. The website is providing compensation plan in which you will earn from all of your refferals upto 20th level. It is basically a 2×20 matrix plan where you will earn 2.25% from each member until 20th level. This picture shows how much you can earn, and the website also pays 100% matching bonus from all of your direct refferal. In this system with $2 and 2 refferals you can make 94,371$ + 100% matching bonus. The website is genuine and is paying, I myself has used it and let me show you my account to clear your doubts. I hope you have seen the payment proof too. And can have an idea how much you can earn from it. Here is the link to the website:- My Ref Link:- Feel free to ask any question.
  2. There are many strict rules when you create new Topics. I am explaing the Use of tags here. 01. If you create a topic that is already there so your topic is been deleted. So in order to create a useful topic you should use search bar to see if the particular topic is already there or you can create yours. For this you will provide keywords and the match will be only possible if the old topic creator has put right tags. 02. You have to put right keywords/tags so that others can search it properly. 03. Tags should be unique and more than one for each topic. 04. Put only relevant tags. Please let me know if I missed anything.
  3. I was reading the topics all around by going to each page and reading maximum replies on a topic and got the solution how you can get rid of getting negative points if you are getting them on daily basis. All you have to do is Go to the profile and find all of your replies and topics and find the one or others that getting most of the negative points, like in this screenshot you have to find your own reply or topic that is taking you back. In this example the person needs to find this particular reply that is against the rules and will surely get negative points from each person who will see it. So all you have to do is to find such post, or the post that has more nmber of negative points. You need to delete it or at least edit it so it fulfills the standards of forum. That's all, I Hope You will get less negative points from now.
  4. Paidverts is an old and paying ptc website, but that is not the only thing, it is not only PTC site, there are many ways to earn there. In this topic I will share them with you along with payment proofs of my own. So first of all the website is PTC, that means you can earn by watching ads there, but that website actually gives even 10$ per single ad watching but in order to get that ad you need to prove your value by accumulating BAPs that are the basic function of the website. There are many ways to earn 01. Games:- There are many games that you can play here and collect BAPs that will turn into real cash. You can play coin flip and many other games there. 02. Ads:- You can earn by watching ads too. 03. Offer Walls:- There are many offer walls available for you to do simple tasks like downloading app, doing survey and so on. 04. Referrals:- By spending each dollar yiu will get BAP and also you will get 10% from yourm your refferals ad purchase and 5% of your refferals ad watching staright into your account. There is A lot more to explore, you can see yourself, and Also there is payment proof that is pretty old but My own withdraw proof. At the end of the screenshot there is my withdrawal history you can check it by yourself. Link:- Note, this is not my refferal link, if you want my refferal link you can ask in my inbox. thanks.
  5. Hello friends! I was wondering that how much a hyip website cost you and what is the earning you can make from it. There are many hourly hyips or daily one that are launching on daily basis and runs away with all the money. But how much it cost to make one ? And what is the total earning ? So I searched it out and find that there are different types of Hyips and you can buy one online as low as by 50$ and it will be ready for you in 24 hours. And how much the website earns you ? Actually it depends upon the marketing you do or the users do to get refferals, more marketing means more users and more earnings. So an average hyip can earn you at least 500-1000 dollars in few days. Note:- It is Immoral to scam people in hyip programs even if they know that it is a hyip.
  6. Hello friends, In this post I will add few exceptions that can't trade and they shouldn't even try trading before fighting these things. 01. Emotional People:- these people who are much emotionally active, like who can't handle anger, loss and can't be patient enough should not come into trading. 02. Broke:- The people or person who doesn't have enough money should never come in to this field, you shouldn't invest by selling your personal things like house, bike or so on. 03. Unskilled:- If you don't have skill to trade, the trading is not for you, don't even try to risk your money without the skill. 04:- Lazzy:- If you are lazy you will miss a lot of opportunities so the trading is not for lazy people. 05:- Students:- I know it seems irrational to ask students to stay away from trading, but it is like gambling, once you tase the win, yiu will always be here in trading and your studies will be ruined. If you guys know more people who should never join trading, please let me know in comments section.
  7. Hello friends, I have been searching for some coins to do day trading in Yobit or some trading signals providers but unfortunately I never found one. But there is something that I can tell you people. You can still do day trading here in yobit, you just need to see the chart of any coin, just see them in 12 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month and 6 month and predict the next move of the coin and buy it if it is reasonable, and sell when you fee comfortable to. And One more thing that I have noticed is that, after each big red candle there is always a green one after that. Here the screenshot is added as always.
  8. Hello friends I was browsing Binance few hour ago and saw that there is many type of trading available and many people trade there, After that I searched for the trading signals and found few blogs regarding that. So if you have capital you can trade there with signals provided. You need to take care that there are many people who will ask you to pay before you can be added in the telegram groups or they will ask you to join the exchange by their referral link so that they can earn from you. Or they will add you simply as there are some free one too. So for your help I am leaving a blog to such groups too. Happy earning. Note:- there is no refferal link in this post.
  9. Hello friends I was wondering how to get new ideas to make topics here in this forum. But I don't think you have to struggle much to get new ideas to make new topics here. There are many things that you can do. Like keep on searching new exchanges and post them here. Find new wallets to post. Find new applications to post here. And there are many other ideas you can use to make topics. Let me know about your ideas too.
  10. Hello friends, I was browsing the topics and I saw there was a topic in middle of English section, I haven't seen any rule regarding that, I means there was no mention anywhere that you can't use different language in English or if we can give it a negative reaction just for that. Let's discuss this today. I have a screenshot for you.
  11. Hello friends ! Today I would like to share basics function and the role of cryptocurrancy and would like to clear a Big doubt Regarding cryptocurrancy. In this forum I have seen many topics and replies saying that:- 01. You can quit your job through cryptocurrancy. 02. You can make living through cryptocurrancy 03. Cryptocurrancy can save your career But I would like to tell you that Cryptocurrancy is just a method of payment, money sharing, buying, selling and getting paid. So If someone says that you can make money through cryptocurrancy that doesn't mean you can earn through is simply, that means something else. You earn money through your skills not through cryptocurrancy. If you are a freelancer you are earning through your services. If you are a trader, you earn through trading, not through cryptocurrancy If you are an investor you earn through investment not through cryptocurrancy If you are an exchanger you earn through exchanging. I hope you got an idea of what I am trying to say. So it is your skills that make you money not any currency.
  12. Hello friends, here in this post I am sharing my theory regarding the forum and new payment system. Lets start from beginning, the yobit platform is launching new coins almost each month, like water, mask, dice, yochat, to token, yofollars, yoda, easycash and now free dollars, so the owner know that there is good profit in coins. So the forum starred, it paid in btc to attract users and created fan following, the compaign lasted for fe months, now they moved to launch new coin again with more use then previous ones, they will use it for selling advertisement spots and to upgrades. So I think that was the plan to introduce new coin through this platform. What do you people say ?
  13. Hello friends, few hours back I was reading the rules and there was A rule that you must pit an Avatar in your display picture, doing so will show your respect for the forum, So if you see any profile, without avatar you should give it a negative point, you can do this according to the rules.
  14. This website is one of the sites that I personally use, to gamble or to make investment. There investment plan is very slow but still they are paying and you can try yourself. Sign Up. You can Go to the website and sign up easily by filling a simple form. And confirm your email. After that you can deposit money using several payment processors like Perfect Money, payza and cryptocurrancy. There are a number of games available to play, more than 30 games and you can withdraw your money whenever you want. My personal favorite is coin flip, you can use a statergy to win. The statergy For Coin Flip. You can set a starting amount as 0.05$ and double the amount each time you lose and reset the amount whenever you win. That is the best and mostly used statergy. Withdrawal. You can easily withdraw your money whenever you want, there are no restrictions but they take a certain fee for thet. This is genuine website and I personally have made withdrawal from it. The link to the site (not refferal link. If you want reffer link just inbox me)
  15. Hello friends, I am talking about cryptonator wallet today. This is an Online Wallet that supports not too much currencies but still is good wallet and can store your most used currency in there. Sign Up:- That is an Online Wallet that means you can sign up there using your gmail and create wallet using a new password. Plus Points:- 01. You don't need to remember or keep your keys or waet information safe. 02. You can reset your wallet password any time. 03. The fee is reasonable 04. Builtin exchange 05. Android app is available. 06. Old and trusted wallet. 07 Reasonable money transfer fee. 08. Fiat currency is supported 09. Supports Payeer deposits and withdrawals. Cons:- 01. Online wallet, the company can become scam. 02. Your funds are not in your hands literally. 03. Some limitations as minimum deposit and withdraw. The Link To The Website:-
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