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  1. There is no doubt that the exchange is good, few days back on a YouTube video there were 2 people stating that yobit is scam, I don't know why they did so. But it is still a very good exchange.
  2. There are many topics that are old and are locked for further replies and for that we never put any attention to them, I think you should go and read them if you want to get some knowledge.
  3. The forum has own rules and they can't be change on the basis of our requests, but now it is open for everyone and you can get yourself registered easily.
  4. Ltc among them is the best one as you can withdraw with very little fee it is about 0.10$ and also there is no minimum or maximum limit for withdrawal. Rest of the options are good too but they are less used.
  5. It is too complicated to trade on day Trading as there are possibilities that are too high that you can even loss your capital there, so I would like to advise you to follow any expert to do so.
  6. Cryptocurrancy ATM is not impossible to make there are already some exchanges or websites that are offering this service within slective area but it will be available in broader level soon.
  7. I think the person who is over confident and thinks himself more wise than old user, that must be left alone after some time he will be finding someone to help him.
  8. It is possible by using cryptocurrancy and even they can rise the fund without the bank by just using the cryptocurrancy itself, for this they need just investors which can pay using cryptocurrancy.
  9. I'm totally disagree with your first point, as you can see in my profile I have almost 2/3 of Points ratio with my posts that is just because I am sharing some good Topics, you can check my profile.
  10. The first thing the new users do is to waste time in free and useless sites like ptc website or faucets and after working a month get not even the money to pay the bill of mobile data.
  11. That's what the scammers and the fraudulent people do, they offer you a way to get a lot of profit without any work and with no reason and source of income. So be careful with such people.
  12. It is supper easy to get reputation now, you just need to create some good topics on daily basis and you will be getting the points on the behalf of them.
  13. It is not that common between good and reputed coins like bitcoin or etherum but when we are talking about less value coins or tokens that is possible even on daily basis to happen.
  14. Investment in cryptocurrancy is always risky you need to take care of many things, from your wallet to the investment you make in the market, so be careful regarding cryptocurrancy.
  15. All the wallets offer almost same type of security for its users so that they can be safe but the user must be wise enough to keep his private information safe. So that he can stay safe from hacking.
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