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  1. Kenneth Bosak exposes a Bitcoin scammer Jorg Molt on video and CT picks it up. Jorg even tried to fake credibility by posting a selfie with Andreas who quickly denied knowing him, scam is in both high and lower level too.
  2. The best person to contact about post payment is admin and moderator, because the two of them are the driver of this forum, they are the decision taker.
  3. You are making a very crucial point here, because if you have a project you will know every post that doesn't go online with your project it will be nice if general moderator and admin do something about it
  4. Then my case is different because I saved them offline, I just saved them in my computer, since hackers are always hacking our online password savings and people has been warning us not to save private key online like email
  5. Although I'm newly married and don't have a child yet, since my wife knows my ATM card pin and everything since I got married to her, she has not withdraw my money without my knowledge so I decided to give her some of my private key to keep in case anything happen to me my crypto investment will not waste
  6. Thank you so much your reply sound so helpful and encouraging, but I don't know any of the recovery process you mentioned, can you help me with directions? So that I can give it a try because I am in serious pain, I can't afford to loose one full ethereum.
  7. If you go under your yo it account that you link with you crypto talk account you will see them them there, but they only update it every three hours
  8. The Swiss National Bank together with the SIX stock exchange announced the launch of research, the purpose of which will be to create their own cryptocurrency for trading and payments on the financial market. SIX believes that digital technology will have a positive impact on reducing risks and open up new opportunities for users. What do you think? Will the Swiss succeed?
  9. I have one ethereum in that wallet which I bought since march this year, so that it can yield some profit for me when the price move up
  10. Please house I have lost my private key while I was relocating to my new house last week, my computer refused to boot so and engineer repair and restore it and all my save credentials are gone, is there any possible way I can retrieve my private key with my email?
  11. There is no need to report anyone here allow them to report themselves with their attitude, if anyone is rude to you just leave them the moderator in collaboration with the admin knows what to do to them
  12. I have similar case too, it is the same story, but I show him that I am smarter because when he sent it to me I tried to withdraw they also tell me the same story so I send my Bitcoin address to him to send the amount of Bitcoin required, then he stop replying to my messages
  13. You are a true crypto thinker, our mind set is always in buying and selling alone but many of us get paid for doing some job for it, there is no difference between office worker that receive his payment with Bitcoin and those that participate in bounty campaign, meaning that we work for it and we are paid for it.
  14. They might hate it for a reason best known to them, but what I want everyone to know about this life is that, the world is a market place were everybody come to trade, what Mr a use in making money is different from me b so even if the leaders hate it, it will not stop us from trading and making our own cool cash from it
  15. Every day of human life is full of risk, even if one stay back at home to sleep is also a risk so if you don't take risk now, you will end up working for those that take the risk, therefore people that are risking in crypto are those that are making it big
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