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  1. Cryptocurrencies high value is always a gain to individuals that bought at a lower prices and waited over a period of time patiently.
  2. Putting or enforcing tax on cryptocurrencies is not a proper approach because it will discourage some investors from holding or transacting using such currency.
  3. Bitcoin has a total amount that can ever exist, and it's about 23 million, and more than half has already been mined
  4. Unless one is planing to hold the assets without expecting any return on investment, I think Bitcoin should be more appropriate coin to hold than stable coins.
  5. Definitely mining was the most profitable last year especially one one has all the necessary mining toys required, the closely followed by staking although it's was a very risking experience.
  6. Definitely bitcoin was the best cryptocurrency that stole the shine of 2020, with a rise of over 300% within that year.
  7. Ten years, Although it's now nine years as at the time of writing these is a very long-term, but a million dollars is absolutely too ambiguous in 10years.
  8. Cryptocurrencies operation from mining to other minor things like trading to staking etc, all requires the use of devices and these devices all require electricity for charging
  9. The first decade of Bitcoin can be characterised as a hell of roller coster, going from being worthless to becoming one of the most valuable digital asset.
  10. Scammers are everywhere within and outside the cryptocurrency environment, an it's your duty to identify these scams and prevent yourself from been a victim
  11. Telegram and cryptocurrencies are like two inseparable entities, most cryptocurrencies platforms use the telegram platform to communicate more effectively with their Users
  12. Well if these decisions by the chinese government solve their problems I think it's best for them, but ideally the government can set up mining camps to solve these power problems
  13. Cryptocurrencies are actually the best for the future, the technology that came with it will oon be used in many aspects of the society to promote accountability and transparency.
  14. Withdrawal from yobit is mostly directly to an external wallet, from the internal wallet, you can easily navigate to wallets that are capable of trading with your local currency.
  15. Any one that is a believer of cryptocurrencies will at one point have that feeling that Ethereum is capable of outshing bitcoin but that can only be possible perhaps in the future
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