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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. There are many people who fall victim to fraudsters due to the lack of experience they have
  2. The report will help reduce spam, duplicate posts, and bad posts, but we cannot stop the bad and harmful content through the report due to the daily entry of new people to the forum
  3. The CryptoTalk forum helps you learn the English language by interacting with it daily by writing and reading posts. I suggest adding other languages to the forum in order to reach the largest possible number of people
  4. I think that such courses are very necessary because they contain a lot of important information to understand the blockchain technology for you. These courses are expensive, so if there is a free course I advise you to go to it
  5. Yes, this is possible, as we currently see some electronic banks accepting the deposit of cryptocurrencies from the payeer bank. This is a good step that will allow the way to pay in cryptocurrencies to buy goods and necessities.
  6. It is possible that both things together create a currency project and raise capital. If the currency project does not succeed, they will disappear.
  7. I have the same feeling about the trading markets. A person should not be greedy and prudent, and be content with a little profit in order not to lose his money.
  8. This is really a great post. Thank you for this topic. Many people who are new to this field need help before starting trading.
  9. The picture expresses a lot for this sentence. To be successful, a person must make a lot of effort and must not talk about the subject in order to achieve success
  10. I am relying on a base similar to this base . Where I read the content as it was useful I give it a good reaction but if its not I will give him a negative reaction
  11. It is true that adding more languages will bring more users to the forum. I hope they add the Arabic language in this forum because it is my mother language and there are many Arab users in this forum
  12. I agree with you on this point as they will be afraid of writing posters and comments and will have a bad impression on the forum. Thank you
  13. There are many sites that give you cryptocurrencies, but for the services you provide like latium, there are people who pay you in dollars and there are people who pay you in cryptocurrencies for your services. But if you are looking for a site that gives you cryptocurrencies for free, I think cryptotalk is the best forum to do that
  14. Actually, I want to convert to cash some of it. And I want to keep some of it either for trading or to invest in something else
  15. I love doing both. But I would like to respond to the topics other members receive and answer things that I already know
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