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  1. Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the excellent opportunity to earn money for each message, I am happy that I'm part of this community. Thanks once again. My code: f6s5n1r2t
  2. I think you need a permanent job, and yes you can make some money here in extra time, one more thing earn btc and hold in your wallet
  3. Hello guys i am new here, i have previous experience about BTT there is signature option that we can wear, but don't think that option is also available here at this form, if i'm wrong please help me and tell me where this option is.
  4. They think that we are idiots 😂 we are here to expose these shit dirty faces, and yes they got title of TOP exchange to do believable scam
  5. We must be aware about this fake exchange, they just making money they don't think about it's investers
  6. this is what i'm saying they are cheating with us please don't use P2PB2B exchange
  7. Do you know the blockchain transactions are unreverse able? How you made this mistake? It's your fault not exchange's
  8. Well it was a good exchange but unfortunately CEO of this exchange, was waiting for right time to runaway, So i recommend you guys to withdraw your assets after trading, don't trust on any exchange
  9. Hello Crypto Community! p2pb2b is doing shit again.Today P2PB2B exchange showed that they are promoting scam projects,i was shocked when i saw this announcement.P2PB2B Exchange is Ready to List a brand New Shit Token and that is Maya coin which belongs to UK financial LTD.This company ( UK financial LTD ) is always ready to create Gold Silver Backed Tokens even they are expert in that,The UK financial LTD also claims that they are mining gold and Silver But..... More funny thing is they are using Google Adsense on their website to earn some bucks Proof #1 #2 #3 Question:This Company ( financial LTD ) Really exist?Answer: Yes it exist and its registered in UK With Company number " 11471823 " But Not sure this company actually behind these shit Tokens because its possible scammers using thier company name,You can click on this link to get more info they scammed?Answer: They promise that Dfs Token will be Backed by $5 per token, and Mapr Token will be backed for $29000,Both tokens are ERC20 and both are on death bed!DFS Token market: Token Market:'s clear example that CMC is not able to detect scam coins,These shit exchanges helping scammers to do scam with usStay blessed guys, Thanks for Reading My bad English 😂
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