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Found 10 results

  1. Website | Forum | Telegram Channel | GitHub | TON Surf [ANN] Free TON - Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Network [ANN] Free TON - Блокчейн Сеть Proof-of-Stake Best support comment contest Dear community, as you know, our team initiated the launch of the new Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance. We need the support that only the community can provide to get this proposal up and running! The strength of the community is very big, it is the community that runs projects, and Free TON is no exception! In this regard, we want to encourage the most active community members, we are announcing a contest for the best support comment of the about proposal for launch Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance. All you have to do is: 1. In the Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance thread put Like and leave a comment. The comment should contain: - Your assessment - whether you like the idea of creating this Sub-Governance or not; - What exactly do you like or dislike about the idea of creating this Sub-Governance; - What would you like to add or improve in this Sub-Governance; - Will you take part in the work of this Sub-Governance as an Influencer; - Do you support the idea of creating this Sub-Governance in general; 2. Subscribe to Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance telegram chat and Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance news channel; 3. Fill in Google Form. Reward: The Top-20 best comments will each receive 20 TON Crystal. The Top-3 comments that will collect the biggest amount of likes will receive: 1st place - 20 TON Crystal 2nd place - 15 TON Crystal 3rd place - 10 TON Crystal Campaign duration: Write your comment in the Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance thread and confirm your participation by November 11 inclusive. We will check all the entries, select the winners and send out the reward within two weeks after the end of this contest. ATTENTION - NEW RULES!!! The campaign period: October 12, 2020 - November 15, 2020. According to the results of the first week, the bounty campaign has been extended until November 15 MANDATORY 1. Participants must follow Free TON News Telegram Group - 2. Participants must sign the Declaration of Decentralization - 3. Participants must follow Free TON Influencers chat. 4. Participants must register at Free TON Forum and leave any welcome message at Welcome Thread. 5. Participants must follow Free TON official Twitter page - Rewards Reward distribution according to user level: 10 spots for Sr. Members - 75 TON/week 15 spots for Hero & Legendary Members - 100 TON/week 5 spots for Moderators - 250 TON Crystal/week Your account must have at least 1000 Likes Payment will be made within 2 weeks after the end of bounty campaign. Campaign period: 1 week: October 12 - October 18 2 week: October 19 - October 25 3 week: October 26 - November 1 4 week: November 2 - November 8 5 week: November 9 - November 15 Application 1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text 2. Fill and submit this form: GOOGLE FORM Please check your participation in this SPREADSHEET If you want to become A Free TON Brand Ambassador, fill the GOOGLE FORM If you have filled in something incorrectly in the Google form, you can make a request to the bounty manager for corrections, but you will be moved to the list of potential participants. To participate in the campaign, you must fulfill all the prerequisites, wear a signature, personal text and an avatar. After that, the bounty manager will consider your application and make a decision to accept you into the campaign. Reports & Payout No reports needed Rules 1. Your Cryptotalk account must have at least Sr Member rank. 2. Participants must follow Free TON News Telegram Group -, sign the Declaration of Decentralization -, follow Free TON Influencers chat and register at Free TON Forum and leave any welcome message at Welcome Thread. Also you need to follow Free TON official Twitter page - Every week, all participants will be checked for the following this main rules. All who will not be followed will automatically be excluded from the campaign. 3. The Telegram username must be visible, everyone whom the moderator cannot verify for the subscription to the telegram channel is fulfilled will be excluded. 4. You need to generate 15 posts per week with each post containing more than 150 characters. 5. Posts can be at any sections, except Off-topic, Bounties/Airdrops, Referral Links section. Posts in Free TON ANN thread are welcome. 6. Posts must be spread throughout the week. If you submit 4 or more posts within the span of one day, these posts will not be eligible for campaign rewards (maximum 3 posts per day) 7. Anyone who will not be active in the campaign for 1 weeks will be automatically excluded. 8. Please note, we would only accept quality written posts, meaning something that provides useful information to others, constructive feedback/criticism, creative and interesting insights/information. 9. Multiple accounts registration is forbidden. We will be auditing regularly and any multiple accounts will be immediately disqualified. 10. Also, you must write at least 5 posts per week on Free TON forum. Posts should be on the topic of discussion, more than 150 characters. Posts in Welcome threads will not be accepted.11. All posts can be in any language. 12. In case your forum rank upgrades, please write in telegram chat to receive the corresponding awards, starting with the beginning of the next campaign week. 13. Please inform us before you want to change/modify your signature/avatar or leave this campaign, or you may not be paid for the week. All those who, without notice and permission from the campaign moderator, remove the signature, will not receive the award at all. 14. We may alter the rules of this campaign as we progress and will make sure to notify all of the participants in this thread. 15. At the end of the campaign, the signature can only be removed after the publication of the signature removal information in the main post. Anyone who removes the signature before, will not receive any reward. 16. Final decision on controversial issues for moderator. 17. There will be no exceptions for anyone who does not abide by the rules. To apply please leave a comment with the following information Example for #Proof of authentication Post SIGNATURES ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ PEER-TO-PEER MULTI-BLOCKCHAIN SYSTEM ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ━━━━━ ━━━━ ━━━ ━━ ━ Free TON ━ ━━ ━━━ ━━━━ ━━━━━━ |► DECLARATION OF DECENTRALIZATION ◄| FORUM | TON SURF |► BECOME AN AMBASSADOR ◄| AVATAR TON Surf (Official Free TON Wallet) - If you have any questions, please write to Free TON Community Managers in Telegram Website | Forum | Telegram Channel | GitHub | TON Surf
  2. I saw other people doing similar threads so I thought, ok I will do the same. So, guys, my signature space is out for renting. I don't have a fixed price in my mind, just shoot me with a private message and let's see if we can reach a deal. Please no porn or scams. Thanks !
  3. So far I found out 2 that have here available signature, if I missed some pls post here so i could add them. Think this will help a lot to every member here. -------------------------- LEGEND N - newbie J - junior member M - member FM - full member SM - senior member H - hero member L - legendary member -------------------------- Signature campaign LIST MY IDENTITY COIN [MYID] RANKS THAT CAN PARTICIPATE: J - M - FM - SM - H - L Other campaign available: YES LINK TO Official TOPIC: MY INDENTITY COIN Topic Campaign is active till: 25. February 2021. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Change log 14.01.2021. - removed Free BETFURY end of campaign 20.12.2020. - added new campaign 16.11.2020. - removed Free TON end of campaign
  4. Добрый день форумчане, кто нибудь зарабатывает на том что указывает рекламу в подписи, спасибо за обратную связь
  5. Is there a Paxful campaign running on the forum? I've seen a lot of signatures containing a Paxful banner, but mostly used by Russian speaking members of the Cryptotalk Community. The banner is in Russian so I guess this is only available for the Russian community, and probably forbidden for non Russian speaking members. Do we know if there are plans to expand this campaign to the English speaking part of the forum as well? I would be glad to take part in this signature campaign. Does anyone know if there is a chance to take part in the current one without speaking Russian? I've also noted that a member of the forum that probably wasn't Russian was taking part in this campaign and got banned. I guess that he must have been posting in Russian using online translating tools, that usually translates sentences into nonsense. Don't do that guys, it is like cheating. Either you know a language or you don't.
  6. Hi guys, I have two questions hope somebody can help me. please tell me 1.what are the benefits of signature in the forum? and 2.what can and can not put in my signature? please do not answer with answers that you are not 100% sure because I don't want to break rules. if there is a post in the forum that can help me kindly give me the link for it. thanks!
  7. Dear Crypto Talk Family, I have a question, Can I use refferal link to other crypto website in my signature section? As I read in the forum rules, Don't use referral links the posts. Kindly share your experience and thoughts. thank you.
  8. Hello guys i am new here, i have previous experience about BTT there is signature option that we can wear, but don't think that option is also available here at this form, if i'm wrong please help me and tell me where this option is.
  9. Some users can understand the "Signature & Avatar Rules" (they Should), because peoples are visuals, so this post can help them. 1.- Avatar 2.-Signature Rules 😥 😎
  10. In this topic I'll explain cryptotalk text editor functionality and restrictions, and signatures guideline. [Rus Thread] 1. When we go in the settings field of our signature, the first thing we see is restrictions. The restrictions are not terrible yet, but I think they can change over time, while the ranking system does not affect them in any way, everyone is limited the same way - a maximum of one image is with size no more than 468x60 pixels, which simplifies the whole process, since you no longer need to make the project logo in pixels, just insert the picture; A maximum of 5 links, but I personally recommend 1-2, because the more links in a small space, the worse the clickability of each individually (even the largest signature is very little space on the screen); A maximum of 5 lines, I don’t advise doing more than 1-2 lines, it will turn out into trash, not an advertisement, of course if your goal is to attract attention (if the signature is purely functional, you can make a horror out of a bunch of information, but still not worth it); This is about restrictions in relation to user signatures. 2. About the features and limitations of the editor For convenience, I numbered the functions, let's go through the list. 1. Bold text. 2. Italic text. 3. Underlined text. 4. Strike through text. Try not to use more than one of these functions in one text. 5. Insert the link into the text. (does not work with a space without text that has the background painted over with function №15, about which below) 6. Insert a quote. 7. Paste the code. (works as on bitcointalk) Here the code 8. Emoji. (it’s more convenient to select emoji in the messenger or somewhere else and copy-paste to the forum, since here the function crashes and makes you wait + the choice is limited) 9. Insert a bulleted list. 10. Insert a numbered list. 11. Align left. 12. Align in the center. 13. Align to the right. 14. Align in width. 15. Background color. You can paint over the background behind your text, one of the proposed colors, identical to the choice of text color. You can also add additional colors from the palette or HEX code. To make a gradient, you first need to make it somewhere in HEX, and then manually replace the background color for each letter separately. 16. Text color. 17. Text size. 8 9 10 11 12 14 (default) 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 36 48 72 18. Preview. (you can see how your post/topic/signature will look on different platforms) 19. Spoiler. (add a hidden message that can only be read by expanding it) 20. Formatting. (erases everything in the typing field? doesn’t work for me) 21. Attach file/image. (image size is limited only for signature, in other posts - no, now images can be inserted directly into the forum, without the help of third-party sites like imgur) My signature is the 22nd font size, with one image 60x60 pixels, this font size, because that is how the signature rests from edge to edge, when reading topics, if you make more of it it will start to deform on small screens.
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