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  1. Cryptotalk face big problem right now, this forum have to much spammer member, bot, and also multiple account, thats not acceptable. That was big problem in future if people only want to earn here, actually.
  2. Almost right buddy, because ethereum coin with awesome project which on the platform can create a smart contract protocol under ethereum network blockchian, and it is still growing till today. ERC seems like upgrader smart contract on that day. And after ethereum, we can see Cardano, Neo, and others with same project
  3. I would like to HODL this coin on my wallet, but if price rise up around 500% gain from curent price, I will sell it, and left 30% balance on my wallet.
  4. if we talk about coin product development issues, we must look in to opportunities, not price. Why a lot of token was born under ethereum network that calls erc20 token?, do you think its all about price?
  5. Bitxalt

    Bitcoin Price

    Yeah buddy, that was make a sense target, it will not easy to rise more than that price like others people said in this forum buddy. I think price no need anniversary lol 😄
  6. When the first time I joined this forum. I'm very interesting to post everyday with maximum count, so I can earn 30k satoshi. But, lately, I not really searching for satoshi, I really enjoy chating and sharing in this forum.
  7. It must be easy face for every problem if we can share each others, in future, of course there must be more harder to get work and earn some money, thats why we learn crypto to earn in future. Ok mate, good luck.
  8. Sorry guys, actually Im not sure this project will survive in future, are you really believe this another fork named bitflate can at least survive in futur?, do you have good reason about this project?
  9. Without kyc or email verification, 2FA scurity is the last shield of our wallet, beside that, we must have double scurity for more safe, like phone numbers verification or maybe ip verification using email
  10. If people join here only for earn, i think its normal and no problem as long as he can contribute with good response and share nice information, why cryptotalk pay us for every post?, what do you think about that?
  11. Just like others member said, you can exchange your bitcoin to other coins, ethereum is the lowest one, i was withdraw my balance yesterday, withdrawal fee only 0.005 eth, good luck and happy earning buddy
  12. That would be great mate, earning and get some profit is best way to survive in this digital era. No problem man, we can remind and share each other here
  13. You can read more information in "about forum" , then choose topic "post payment", you must register on yobit to receive your bonus. Good luck and happy earning.
  14. I think investing and trading is the best way to earning in crypto buddy, we can invest half of that balance, and withdraw every profit, but actually we must have good analysis if want to trade or invest in crypto
  15. Trading is abount minimize loss and maximize profits, but thats not easy, just like people say, trading is easy buy in low sell it high, but that was not easy as they said
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