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  1. you must explain more specific about your problem bro, from where to where you want to transfer your balance? is this on yobit account?, if yobit account I think its no problem with my account.
  2. My deposit has been lost, and I cant withdraw from IDAX, is that IDAX really scam now?, I read many article that said Boss IDAX run away with cold storage privat key. what do you think about this information guys?
  3. no, I dont have 2 cryptotalk account, I just have 2 yobit account, and actually one account has been lost, because I forget the pasword, I can recovery pasword from email, but I think one account is enough for me
  4. indeed many miners complain about the high cost of electricity for mining, and of course this will be a serious problem if we want to start mining, we must carefully calculate the expenditure and income from mining before started.
  5. this is very dificult, because the price movement of bitcoin is very fast and the trading volume is very high, so not everyone can enjoy the benefits of bitcoin investment, because we need a good experience in trading
  6. I think satoshi is not the name of one person, maybe it's a kind of group name as satoshi nakamoto, because in Japan usually an author never shows his real name, they use a pseudonym or they said "pen name".
  7. yeah of course there will be a lot of posibility when price start moving, but unfortunatly, dogecoin stuck in under 50 satoshi right now, and I dont know how long we again we can get some profit from HODL doge
  8. about my signature, mean is we dont need to expect market will move, we just need to follow where market will move, so, because its all about probability, we should have good analyse to see market move, and actually we can minimalize loss when see market direction not expecting
  9. of course not only learn and know how to trade needed in trading, but also experience and work hard, how can people know the pain, because that person has fallen, so if you do not want the same pain, people must learn and be careful, this can applied in trading.
  10. Bitxalt

    PoS or PoW?

    hello buddy,I want to ask about your experience in mining, how much money to make mining tools with 20TH POW, and how much electricity you spend every day, I want to know more in detail
  11. wow, I dont think this event from cryptotalk, awesome, this is my code : SIZPE8
  12. Its make a sense buddy, we should buy in low, and sell it high, of course we can earn good profit from there, but sometimes trading its not easy like that theory, we need to learn about market condition and also must have good risk management, when our investmnt drag to negative move, of course we need to cut lose or lose everythings
  13. As I said in other post before, we can say bitcoin as father of crypto, and when bitcoin goes up or down, almost others coins will follow, so we can use bitcoin as indicator when we want to invest in other coins, and beside that, we must learn about coins or token wich we want to invest.
  14. Actually its safe and scure if we want to invest coins that list in top 10 coinmarketcap, I said risk trade its not scurity invesment, so, we can lose our balance because we wrong analyze where market move. But we can earn good profit too, if we do good analyze and predict right price.
  15. sometime ago I invested in QQQ, I bought when price 4000 satoshi doge, and sold when the price was 7000 satoshi doge, but this afternoon I saw QQQ was down to 3000 satoshi doge, maybe this is the right time to buy back, and interestingly is the investmentbox QQQ provides 5% per day
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