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  1. I can't see any information for cryptotalk, it's all for bitcointalk as you can also see on the thread on bitcointalk about their signature campaign there. And if you will read some post update of the thread starter, he/she will update about campaign here in the cryptotalk later this week.
  2. Additional, alternative for coinmarketcap is , I know coinpaprika seems not so popular as of now. But there's a lot of new feature on coinpaprika that coinmarketcap doesn't have. Just take a look.
  3. As I remembered about UTRUST. I've been an investor of this ICO before, I am early investor on their ICO but a little amount of my extra ethereum were invested on this project. Sadly to say I already have huge lost on this project since ICO. I just sold all of my UTRUST at lost last few months ago.
  4. Appreciated you created the unofficial rules. But this be more effected if the admin of this forum will make it official or maybe they will get some rule here and they will create their own. I am still looking forward about this because it will be difficult soon if the forum will grow. Since the admin is still active now, so this is the best time for him/her to create an official one.
  5. I think you forgot some of the most important here in the forum. Beside adding new boards. Why you should make first an OFFICIAL RULES of the forum? Or there should be an OFFFICIAL RULES per board. Because there will be a lot of people will be confused especially those newbies if for example their post will be deleted by the moderator or get reported. Let be first a user friendly forum.
  6. Their could be a limit reaction everyday. But why? Why they put some limitation on reactions, that could be a help in the forum for more interaction between different users because of those reaction features. I never yet tried to ran out of reaction. Maybe it is also has connection in your community reputation.
  7. How about Grin ? Grin seems like good especially they are open-source and didn't conducted their ICO before. So, this is build and driven by the community. Note that Grin has the mimblewimble protocol which is very interesting and useful.
  8. Language- Filipino Spoken Countries- Philippines Moderation - There's a lot of Filipinos starting to get into crypto, I'm willing to become moderator then.
  9. That's huge for a signature only. Maybe someone will make on signature, like, they will create a signature and use a image with very long height or width, lol. Maybe their are also some restriction about that.
  10. I just started to become curious about gambling and trading. Since there are people telling that when you are doing trading, it is more likely a gambling too. So they are both risky right? For you, which is much riskier? Gambling or Trading(cryptocurrencies)?
  11. This could be a lot of local languages if ever they will put each language here. Much better first if they will find some moderator before creating some local boards because it's so hard to moderate a local board if you can't understand what they are saying, lol.
  12. So there will be no limit on signature? Like limit of total characters will be used in the signature. Maximun width and height for the image since you can attach some media files there. Haven't yet tried, hope someone will do.
  13. I have a question. Is this contest is not for the forum? Like they are just posting just to get paid. And also for sure, there could be a lot of spammers will start to pop in this forum since about this contest and moderator maybe will having a hard time to check every post if they are non-constructive or spam.
  14. Those coins you mentioned seems like not so popular, I never heard them before. Most of altcoins are suffering now especially when the those products ICO fever around bull market 2017-2018. It should be lesson for you for what happened, holding shitcoins will totally rekt you.
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