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Crypto Mining Rig | 300 MH/s @1200 W | ~1 Year ROI

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Crypto Mining Rig
300 MH/s @1200W at ~1 Year ROI


Simple user interface as the machine will run Windows. Mining will be as easy as click-to-start.
I also recommend 4 crypto/blockchain based apps to run on your machine to earn extra passive income.
Software uses auto-profit switching for the best mining results and enables payouts in multiple currencies.

5x Geforce RTX 3060 Ti Elite 8GB GPU
1x MSI Motherboard w/ 5 GPU Ports
1x Ryzen 3 - 3.6 GHz 4 Core CPU
2x 4GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM
1x 1200W Platinum Rated PSU
5x GPU Riser Cards & Cables
1x 2TB 7500RPM 3.5" HDD
1x Mining Rig Frame
1x Windows 10 Pro License (With Disk)
1x Power On/Off Switch


If you want to save money by opting out of buying Windows and HDD then you save ~$250

The unit will not come assembled unless you request & pay me to do so. 
Each RTX 3060 has a PROFIT 4.16 USD (x5 = $20.80 USD a day)
This equates to $7592 USD a year with is ~$10327 AUD a year.
Profit is calculated after taking a $0.19 USD (25c AUD) cost per kWH
ROI (return on investment) on the rig will take roughly 1 year.
*Calc based at time of making the listing (6:30 PM UTC +8:00 - 28/07/2021)
*Calc based off specific mining software. See the link below for more details:
Postage is to be paid by the buyer and is sent express.

If it is possible for me to work out a refund option there will be a 15% fee deducted from the original purchase amount.

Start investing with the highest paying platforms offered on

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