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  1. $5 for registration and $3 for each referral Get $5 for a simple registration from KAIF project +3$ for each referral and it's all at IDO price 💬KAIF PLATFORM is a blockchain-based ecosystem for decentralized management (DAO). The funder of this project is Waldemar Schlemmer, and the co-founder is most likely Udiansky, who also owns the exchange QMAll. 👉 They made a mobile app and already have an IDO, where you can buy KAIF tokens for $0.10, we get 50 tokens for free, which can already be withdrawn into the app. 🗣What to do: 1. Go to BOT - 2. Activate bot, pass the captcha, and go to the button "Activities", and there perform simple tasks, subscribe to social networks, etc. For this you will get 50 tokens KAIF 3. Now go to the button Settings - Connect to App, there will be a link to their application. Download, register in the app and connect to telegram 4. Copy your referral link in the bot, because each referral gives you 30 KAIF tokens 🚀We get $5 at once and $3 for each referral, and this at ido price, and the project is very good and make 5-10 tokens I think will be able, and this is already $25-50 for registration and $15-30 for referral. And we spend only 5 minutes for registration so do not be lazy and go for it. 🗓The tokens will be available to sell in February
  2. New Bug Bounty program with real rewards ✌️ Project Octogamex (project at the very start) launched Community Building Program - will be something like an Ambassador program with tasks (articles, infographics, videos, etc.), there is a pool of rewards for it. Before that, the team wants to test the beta version of the platform and before the Ambassador program launches the Bug-Bounty Program, it will last in 3 rounds. As a result, testers - TOP 50 will be rewarded in USDT (k5 USDT pool is allocated), some participants will get reward in points, which will be converted into an equivalent reward in the future, which can be really received on their wallets after the launch of the Ambassador Program. To test all you need is to go to OctoList - do a simple task - the standard subscribe to an account, like/retweet a pinned tweet, vote for the ocean, write a comment and tag 5 friends + add the necessary tags. And fill in the google form - details just below 👇 You will need the Metamask wallet, connect it to the Octogamex platform and test free NFTs will fall on your wallet))) Try it out, test the bugs, and write in the form, what you found incorrect in the platform. After the Bug Bounty they will launch the Community Building Program - an ambassadors program with tasks. There is a pool of rewards, which will also be distributed in 3 rounds. During the Ambassador program participants will be earning XP points, which then will be converted into the equivalent (most likely USDT or BSC (team will announce the details later). The higher the activity - the higher the reward will be. Plus, they is running the Meme Contest right now - choosing 4 best memes, the reward will be from USDT100 to USDT25. The project is new, at the very start, but the team is experienced, they already have more than one project. Personally, I have already taken part myself. I wish you and myself good luck 😉🤞
  3. Some days ago I wrote about the Octogamex project – you may read more about this project via the link (you may find below) Octogamex project - a decentralized blockchain gaming NFT marketplace for in-game items and metaverses. Two events from the Octogamex project are going on right now: 1) you may get the OG role on Discord and become a bug-tester in the OctoBeta event (this bug bounty is rewarded) 2) you may participate in the Meme Contest "A fun look at my favorite blockchain game" The rewarded Octogamex Bug Beta Bounty Testing Program Details about Bug Beta Bounty Testing Program you may find here - on the Octogamex official Twitter account - Details about rewards will be announced soon What do you need to participate in the Bug Bounty Testing Program: 1) Follow the official account of the Octogmex project (link is below) 2) Like, retweet the pinned tweet 3) Vote for your ocean and make a screen 4) Quote to the pinned tweet with the next required information: - add the screenshot of voting confirmation, - tag 5 friends, - tag your favorite Blockchain game/GameFi influencer, - add next hashtags #NFTs #NFTMarketplace #BlockchainGaming #bsc #p2e #metaverse #EVOS, - tag @octogamex_com @ThetanArena @AxieInfinity @RTFKTstudios @NinjaFantasyNFT @avariksaga @faraland_io @xwg_games. - Paste in the google form the confirmation link to your quote tweet to the pinned tweet. Only those who will do all steps will get into the OctoList and will take a chance to participate in the Bug Beta Testing of the platform. Take your chance – and get your reward. And in order to celebrate this date team has started another one event - the Meme Contest "A fun look at my favorite blockchain game". Create the best meme, make all the required steps, become a winner and get your reward. The Meme Contest "A fun look at my favorite blockchain game" All the details about the participation you may find on the official Octogamex Medium in the article - Rewards Best 4 memes will be chosen. You may become a lucky one and get the reward for it in USDT: 1 place winner — 100 USDT 2 place — 75 USDT 3 place — 50 USDT 4 place — 25 USDT Terms of participation: 1. Create a meme that will describe in a funny way your favorite blockchain game (it shouldn`t contain the logo of this game only, it should be unique, and shouldn`t contain the NSFW or inappropriate information) 2. Follow the @octogamex_com 3. Like and retweet the tweet about the Meme Contest 4. Like and retweet the pinned tweet about the OctoList and “Choose your Ocean” voting. 5. Make a comment under the post about the Meme Contest which should contain following information: · the reason why you are interested in the Octogamex project · add “”A fun look at my favorite blockchain game” · add your meme about your favorite blockchain game · tag the game about which your meme is · tag 3 friends · add tags #meme #giveaway #NFTs #BlokchainGaming #bsc The link to the post about the Octogamex project 👇 Links to the official resources: Website – Twitter – Telegram - Discord - soon will be added Try your chance )))
  4. Биржа BitMEX запускает собственный токен BMEX и анонсирует аирдроп. Первым 50000 новых пользователей биржа подарит 5 токенов и 10 USDT, цена токенов не известна они запустят его только в следующем году, эмиссия всего 450 миллионов, а значит цена должна быть не плохой. Для начисления токенов вам надо зарегистрироваться на бирже по ссылке - РЕФ (буду благодарен) и не реф, и после этого пройти верификацию, которую одобряют в течении получаса. Акция только стартовала, поспешите зарегистрироваться и получить свои токены, а биржевые токены как вы знаете растут в цене очень хорошо. UPD. В сети ходят слухи что для получения награды необходимо обязательно зарегистрироваться по партнерской (т.е. по реферальной ссылке), если регистироваться напрямую токены и бонус в виде 10 USDT не получите, так что имейте ввиду.
  5. Как принять участие в раздаче? Заходим на страницу Givelab (реф) (новый аналог gleam) (буду благодарен) (не реф) Выполняем задания! Необходимо указать свой wax-кошелек (, некоторые задания можно прокликать и они будут сразу выполнены! Для выполнения задания «Keep an eye on our Social medias for secret codes» вводим код: WENTR3E и получаем ещё 100 Баллов! Дедлайн: 14 января! Как я понял NFT раздадут всем кто выполнит все условия! Участвовать или нет, решать вам! У меня это заняло всего пару минут! До конца раздачи осталось 2 дня! Всем успехов и профитов!
  6. For those who Downloaded XcelPay Wallet on your android or iOS and completed simple tasks listed on Gleam , and entered the exciting XcelDefi Giveaway contest… It's time to Hit that Claim Offer on XcelPay Wallet app ! Get more details here https://report as spam/3BGBf39
  7. Thank you for participating in XcelDefi (XLD) Airdrop ! We are now ready to close the XcelPay Wallet Giveaway Campaign. We will soon be announcing the Lucky Winner who will bag $5 Million in XLD Airdrop, a Trezor Hardware Device, and FREE 8 weeks Crypto Trading Course by Udemy. Find more details here https://report as spam/2Wl1lYZ
  8. Enter the Exclusive Airdrop Contest !! XcelDefi GiveAway offer with XcelPay Wallet Enter the contest with : Download XcelPay Wallet to claim the exclusive offer ! First 10k participants each will claim $50 worth of XcelDefi(XLD). Next 180k participants to enter the giveaway each will claim $25 worth of XcelDefi(XLD). One lucky participant will win $5000 in XcelDefi(XLD), a Trezor Hardware Device and a VERY EXCLUSIVE 8 WEEK crypto trading course with Udemy ! Get the more details here : https://report as spam/3wr5rMh.
  9. Predict the Bitcoin price & win 0.015 BTC! How does it work: 1. Predict what will the Bitcoin price be on September 3 @ 12:00 GMT & post it on this thread once (from August 17 until August 30 23:59 GMT). 2. Post your prediction in EUR. 3. The right/closest predictor wins 0.015 BTC. The winner will be announced on September 3. 4. The winning amount will be credited to the winner's account with 1x wager requirement. On-site bonus T&C's apply. 5. We collect all the predictions and posts that are edited after will be disqualified. Play fair. Good luck! 😉 PS. We have another Bitcoin prediction promo on site where you can win 512 mBTC. Our Cryptotalk thread Cheers, Karl
  10. 4000$ AIRDROP #Smaugs Marketplace is a #NFT ecosystem, complete custom #DeFi and #governence. Public Sale Date: 7 April 14.00 CEST Join our community. Be aware of opportunities and developments. Telegram:
  11. An easy giveaway from the GameFi blockchain game CRYPTO PROPHECIES. $ 5 in bTCP tokens and the same amount for each referred referral. To participate in the distribution, you need to join the telegram group and fill out the form on the website Telegram username; ETH MetaMask address; E-mail address; Check the checkbox. After sending the form data, we confirm the e-mail in the sent letter! The bTCP tokens will be credited to the wallet after the launch of the game!
  12. CoinMarketCap New Year NFT To celebrate the end of a year we'll never forget, we've partnered with Enjin to mint an NFT that says "good riddance" to 2020! 500 randomly selected winners will receive a CoinMarketCap "RIP 2020" NFT that can be used in 6 games: Bitcoin Hodler (mobile), Forest Knight (mobile), Kingdom Karnage (PC, mobile), Lost Relics (PC, Mac), MyMetaverse (Minecraft), and The Six Dragons (PC, PlayStation). 1 point = 1 entry. Participate in as many tasks as you want. More tasks completed increases your chances of winning. Cheers to 2021! To participate in the giveaway, follow the link and carry out simple tasks in the social. networks, for each completed task we get points, the more points the more chances of winning!
  13. Giveaway in Twitter and Facebook $100 for 10 vinners! Join
  14. New Giveaway: ZZSwap Reward: $1000 in ZZS Tokens Ten participants will receive $100 in ZZS Tokens each Start giveaway bot: ⏰Giveaway ends June 4 Good luck 🤞
  15. New Giveaway : TokenPlay Reward: $1000 in TOP Tokens Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Focus: Ten winners will receive $100 in TOP Tokens each 💰 Launch the bot 🤖 Giveaway bot 👉🏻 ▫️Join our telegram chat ( ▫️Join advertising channel ( ▫️Follow us on Twitter ( and RT our pinned post ( ▫️Follow ad page ( ▫️Like and retweet this tweet ( and @Tag 5 friends and #Airdrop #Giveaway ▫️Submit your BinanceSmartChain (BEP20) wallet address in the bot Note: Giveaway ends June 11 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 12 Additional Information: Token Play is a NFTs & Gaming Platform build on Binance Smart Chain, a web game that supports game publishers to attract more users. Token Play is expected to create an ecosystem with a variety of games. In particular, Token Play points, gaming fees are converted by TOP coin and valuable, so users can sell it on the web. Website:
  16. New Giveaway : Shrew Reward: $1000 in SHREW Tokens Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Focus: Twenty winners will receive $50 in SHREW Tokens each 💰 Launch the bot 🤖 Giveaway bot Mandatory tasks ▫️Join our telegram chat ▫️Join advertising channel ▫️Follow us on Twitter and RT our tweet ▫️Follow ad page ▫️Like and retweet this tweet and @Tag 5 friends and #Airdrop #Giveaway ▫️Submit your BinanceSmartChain (BEP20) wallet address in the bot Secondary tasks ▫️Follow us on instagram ▫️Follow us on YouTube ▫️Follow us on Reddit Note: Giveaway ends June 15 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 16 Additional Information: We started as we believe the multi-billion dollar reward points industry is too restrictive, ironically unrewarding and full of inefficiencies. A strong vision, superior technical knowledge, blockchain technology and a properly crafted cryptocurrency are all key ingredients that can overcome each of these problems. And we have them all. Shrew stands for SHopping REWards, a platform where users can bring in existing rewards accounts, earn points using a single app for multiple stores and trade these points with others using blockchain. The SHREW token will be the single currency linking each reward scheme across a multitude of stores and will thus have deep utility and value. Website: WhitePaper:
  17. New Giveaway: KPOP Reward: $300 BUSD Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Focus: SEX winners will receive $50 BUSD each 💰 Launch the bot 🤖 Giveaway bot ▫️Join our telegram chat ( ▫️Join advertising channel ( ▫️Follow us on Twitter ( and RT our pinned post ( and Tag 3 Friends ▫️Follow ad page ( ▫️Like and retweet this tweet ( and @Tag 5 friends and #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #Airdrop #Giveaway ▫️Submit your BinanceSmartChain (BEP20) wallet address in the bot Note: Giveaway ends June16 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 16 Additional Information: A Cryptocurrency Fan Token For The KPOP stans $KPOP Fan Tokens give you exclusive access to special promotions, VIP events, licensed digital photos and moments from your favorite KPOP idols,and a chance to win a FULL KPOP experience in Korea! Be more than a fan, be a superfan! Join a fun-filled community of KPOP stans! Website: CoinGecko:
  18. New Giveaway: Cryptomeda Reward: NFT & Alpha Access Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Focus: Five hundred random participants will receive valuable In-Game NFT & Alpha Access Start giveaway 🤖 Sign Up ▫️Please provide a valid email address when registering ( You will receive an email with your referral link to invite friends ) ▫️Follow us on Twitter ▫️Retweet our IDO Announcement on Twitter ▫️Retweet our NFT Giftaway Announcement on Twitter ▫️ Follow us on Medium ▫️Join our Telegram Chat ▫️Join our Telegram Announcement Channel ▫️Join our Discord ▫️Subscribe to our Youtube channel Note: Giveaway ends June 30 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 30 Additional Information: Cryptomeda is a complete in-game ecosystem based on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), complete with in-game marketplace, NFT collectibles, exciting gameplay, staking, and much more. Cryptomeda aims to make the crypto world fun and easy for all levels of experience and is an entertainment platform that will provide users with a number of opportunities to earn NFT Collectibles, and trade them on the platform. The platform is backed by the native currency of Cryptomeda - TECH Tokens, which would enable all trade and commerce within the platform. Website:
  19. New Giveaway: Karen Coin Reward: $500 in $KAREN Tokens Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Focus: Ten random participants will receive $50 in $KAREN Tokens each💰 Launch the bot 🤖 Giveaway bot ▫️Join our telegram chat and channel ▫️Follow us on Twitter ▫️Like and retweet this tweet and @Tag 5 friends and #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #Airdrop #Giveaway #LegitCommunity ▫️Visit to CoinMarketCap Add KAREN Token to Watchlist by clicking on the star. Vote for the KAREN token ▫️Submit your BinanceSmartChain (BEP20) wallet address in the bot Note: Giveaway ends June 19 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 20 Additional Information: Karen Coin is one of the fastest scaling cryptocurrencies built on the most recognizable meme in the world! This paired with ownership being renounced, locked liquidity, lower entry/exit fees, rewards for holding and the most dynamic marketing schedule the crypto space has ever seen makes Karen Coin one of the cleanest, most transparent, community based cryptocurrencies in history! Built by the community for the community. Currently working on our first ecommerce use cases. Website: CoinGecko: CoinMarketCap:
  20. Призы: 🔥Stage III erc1155 NFT карта (цена на торговой площадке Enjin 40 000 ENJ $ 5,738) 🤑 🔥1'000'000 токенов FNT (233 $) 💰 🔥Другие ценные призы 👉 👈 Окончание конкурса 20 декабря 2020г. Желаю удачи🍀 Крипто-проект Falcon Project проводит бесплатный конкурс с ценными призами, главные призы NFT карта Stage III erc-1155 и 1'000'000 токенов проекта FNT. Так же есть пункт “Другие ценные призы” команда Falcon довольно часто преподносит неожиданные приятные сюрпризы, думаю, что призы этой категории так же окажутся очень интересными. Для участия в конкурсе на странице конкурса нужно пройти максимальное количество заданий (просмотр видео, подписаться на группы проекта в социальных сетях и т.д.), за каждое выполненное задание вы получаете определенное количество очков, в зависимости от его сложности. Чем больше получится очков, тем больше шансов на выигрыш, потратив на прохождение заданий немного времени вы сможете выиграть ценные призы от Falcon Project. Если есть, какие либо вопросы по конкурсу или проекту вы можете задать их в русскоязычной телеграмм группе RU F.A.Q: Анонсы и объявления: Сайт: Twitter: Подробная информация Falcon Project:
  21. New Giveaway: Beagle Finance Reward: $100,000 in $BeFi Tokens Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Focus: The first 10,000 participants will receive 1,000,000,000 ( $10 ) $BeFi each 💰 Launch the bot 🤖 Giveaway bot ▫️Join our telegram chat ▫️Join advertising channel ▫️Follow us on Twitter ▫️Follow ad page ▫️Like and retweet this tweet and @Tag 5 friends and #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #Airdrop #Giveaway ▫️Submit your BinanceSmartChain (BEP20) wallet address in the bot Note: Giveaway ends June 22 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 23 Additional Information: Beagle Finance - BeFi Powered Dapps We are building an entire open access, tokenized and decentralized ecosystem to enable smart infrastructure built around a decentralized digital economy.. Beagle Swap Beta A Decentralized Automated Market Maker built off pancakeswap with an option to buy tokens with leverage. Beagle DEX A Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange with an optionn to pay fees with BeFi instead of BNB Decentralized Financing (DeFi) Our Ecosystem will support DeFi options such as staking, farming and other high yield options. You will be able to farm BeFi tokens by staking them and also farm BNB, BUSD and other tokens by staking BeFi Website:
  22. В честь перехода цифровой карточной игры Street Fighter на блокчейн WAX проводятся распродажа, а также ряд акций, в которых сейчас можно принять участие! Акция 1. Выполнить задания для участия в розыгрыше 15-ти редких Street Fighter NFT: Реферальная ссылка Не реферальная ссылка Условия: -Завершится 22 февраля 2021 в 21:06 -15 победителей Акция 2(Раздача закончена). Перейти на площадку по торговле NFT , авторизоваться (или создать новый) своим аккаунтом WAX и забирать бесплатно периодически раздаваемые Street Fighter Drops NFT перейдя на страницу с раздачуй : -Перейдя на авторизируемся выбрав WAX Cloud Wallet(если нет других вариантов): - Создать аккаунт WAX Cloud можно используя любую из представленных социальную сетей: -Далее переходим на страницу раздачи и забираем раздаваемые NFT следуя времени указанному на таймере раздачи: -Впоследствии Street Fighter NFT можно будет продать(уже выставляют на продажу) или использовать в игре(нужно будет крафтить одинаковые NFT для получения конечных карт) подробнее на !
  23. A very promising project. For all football fans, this topic will simply go 100%. At the beginning, you are given free NFT cards, making bets you can win rare cards. There are several leagues in the game, but without investment and money, you can participate in the rookie league for 8 game weeks. Actions: 1) you need to register, enter your email address, confirm the number. 2) You will be asked to choose 3 favorite clubs (it is from these clubs that you will be given free cards for which you can bet) 3) Go through the step-by-step training, delving into the essence 4) After these steps, you will receive player cards! 5) select the players in your virtual team (everything will depend on how they play in the real world) 6) After completing the steps, your team will be registered in the Starter League Rookie League points are awarded based on the actual performances of your team's players. Goals, assists, dry matches and much more. All of them are added to the total amount of your points. Thanks to the referral system, you can get a significant drop. When you register via a referral link after 5 purchases at the auction (new signings) of red (rare) cards, you get another rare card for free. This is from 0.01 (45% chance) eth to 10 eth (5% chance). Thus, by buying 5 cards from the auction, which you can then sell on the secondary game market for more, you still get a free tangible drop! Referral Link- The referral also provides a nice bonus of free unsold cards for your first team to participate in tournaments. Not a referral -
  24. EmiSwap beta is now live!🔥🔥 To reward the early adopters, we will distribute 50,000 ESW among the soft launch participants. Help us get ready for the official launch and seize your reward!💰💰 Follow the link to learn more:
  25. CoinMarketCap New Year NFT Чтобы отпраздновать конец года, который мы никогда не забудем, мы сотрудничаем с Enjin, чтобы создать NFT, который говорит "скатертью дорога" 2020 год! 500 случайно выбранных победителей получат CoinMarketCap "RIP 2020" NFT, который может быть использован в 6 играх: Bitcoin Hodler (mobile), Forest Knight (mobile), Kingdom Karnage (PC, mobile), Lost Relicts (PC, Mac), MyMetaverse (Minecraft) и The Six Dragons (PC, PlayStation). 1 point = 1 entry. Участвуйте в таком количестве заданий, как вы хотите. Большее количество выполненных заданий увеличивает ваши шансы на победу. Выпьем за 2021 год! Для участия в раздаче переходим по ссылке и выполняем несложные задания активности в соц. сетях, за каждое выполненное задания получаем очки, чем больше очков тем больше шансы на победу!
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