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Found 4 results

  1. К примеру взять игры:Игры на основе блокчейнов - это быстрорастущий сектор криптоэкономики, но современная технология блокчейнов серьезно ограничивает возможности игр.предложит вам игры с высокой пропускной способностью.Одной из таких является собственная разработка - MoD (MinesofDalarnia) Официальный сайт: Сайт игры:
  2. Some days ago I wrote about the Octogamex project – you may read more about this project via the link (you may find below) Octogamex project - a decentralized blockchain gaming NFT marketplace for in-game items and metaverses. Two events from the Octogamex project are going on right now: 1) you may get the OG role on Discord and become a bug-tester in the OctoBeta event (this bug bounty is rewarded) 2) you may participate in the Meme Contest "A fun look at my favorite blockchain game" The rewarded Octogamex Bug Beta Bounty Testing Program Details about Bug Beta Bounty Testing Program you may find here - on the Octogamex official Twitter account - Details about rewards will be announced soon What do you need to participate in the Bug Bounty Testing Program: 1) Follow the official account of the Octogmex project (link is below) 2) Like, retweet the pinned tweet 3) Vote for your ocean and make a screen 4) Quote to the pinned tweet with the next required information: - add the screenshot of voting confirmation, - tag 5 friends, - tag your favorite Blockchain game/GameFi influencer, - add next hashtags #NFTs #NFTMarketplace #BlockchainGaming #bsc #p2e #metaverse #EVOS, - tag @octogamex_com @ThetanArena @AxieInfinity @RTFKTstudios @NinjaFantasyNFT @avariksaga @faraland_io @xwg_games. - Paste in the google form the confirmation link to your quote tweet to the pinned tweet. Only those who will do all steps will get into the OctoList and will take a chance to participate in the Bug Beta Testing of the platform. Take your chance – and get your reward. And in order to celebrate this date team has started another one event - the Meme Contest "A fun look at my favorite blockchain game". Create the best meme, make all the required steps, become a winner and get your reward. The Meme Contest "A fun look at my favorite blockchain game" All the details about the participation you may find on the official Octogamex Medium in the article - Rewards Best 4 memes will be chosen. You may become a lucky one and get the reward for it in USDT: 1 place winner — 100 USDT 2 place — 75 USDT 3 place — 50 USDT 4 place — 25 USDT Terms of participation: 1. Create a meme that will describe in a funny way your favorite blockchain game (it shouldn`t contain the logo of this game only, it should be unique, and shouldn`t contain the NSFW or inappropriate information) 2. Follow the @octogamex_com 3. Like and retweet the tweet about the Meme Contest 4. Like and retweet the pinned tweet about the OctoList and “Choose your Ocean” voting. 5. Make a comment under the post about the Meme Contest which should contain following information: · the reason why you are interested in the Octogamex project · add “”A fun look at my favorite blockchain game” · add your meme about your favorite blockchain game · tag the game about which your meme is · tag 3 friends · add tags #meme #giveaway #NFTs #BlokchainGaming #bsc The link to the post about the Octogamex project 👇 Links to the official resources: Website – Twitter – Telegram - Discord - soon will be added Try your chance )))
  3. This topic will be filled in with new additional information about the Octogamex project. What are the most recognizable and demanded topics on crypto forums, news and social networks for the last period of time? - NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse. And billions of dollars are spent in this direction. Lots of experts and believers make predictions that these directions will become even more popular than we see nowadays and the interest in them will be developing only more and more. A decentralized gaming NFT marketplace for in-game items and metaverses – Octogamex can really attract attention. Octogamex team is focused on implementing innovative ideas in this direction of GameFi and Metaverse, on bringing fresh air into the process of buying, selling, exchanging or sharing blockchain gaming NFTs & in-game items. The Octogamex team is creating the platform where all these processes will become easy and comfortable for everyone. Octogamex – is a unified multi blockchain secondary market for in-game items, and it will not be too important on what blockchain those NFTs or in-game items have been made. The Octogamex project is launching the Community Building Program and the Bug-Beta-Testing event. You may find this information on the official resources of the project - Do not forget to follow the Octogamex official Twitter account, the announcement will be soon there. Some information from the Octogamex Roadmap (the full version is on the official website) Q1/2022 - Beta Release - Launch on BSC - Wallet Connection Integration - NFT Sale and Auction Functionality Implementation - NFT Trade Functionality Implementation - Support for Multiple Currencies: Specific Purchase Currency Can Be Set for NFTs of Collection - Start of Community Development Program Building - Bug Bounty Program Launch, OctoBeta event Team has already implemented: NFT buying and selling, NFT auction, NFT exchange, the exchange with additional payment. There are plans to implement next things - Integration of 5 additional blockchains, NFT bridge, Identity verification, NFT staking. The Metamask wallet will be used and the BCS network will be integrated first, but the integration of other blockchains is planned also. TGE – planned. Last news about the Octogamex project Great event from the Harmony - took place today 19th, February, 2022 in Kyiv. Harmony is scaling Web3 infrastructure of DeFi and NFT by bringing ZKPs to production and decentralizing governance by funding thousands of DAOs. Octogamex team has visited today the Harmony Developers and Creators Day that was held in Kyiv today – 19th, February, 2022. Web3 developers, Creators of the new digital economy, Active members of Ukrainian crypto-communities, advanced teams that received the grant talked about Web3, NFTs and DAOs. You may take a look here – And the interview with the Octogamex team will be published soon - Links to the official resources: Website - Twitter - Telegram - Discord - will be added soon
  4. Thesaurm Token Airdrop Program Thesaurum is the platform which tokenizes and offer several resources including gold mines in Ghana as a game prize. Almost all of the game prices is simply a distribution of funds from the users of thesaurum games but the difference is that thesaurum invest the funds of the game users and after sometimes they distribute their profits among the users. Thesaurum is launching the games which will offer more valuable prizes after doing business with the funds so that the game users will not lose a lot of money if they lose the game. Thesaurum offers games which can be played all over the world and the winners can win high-priced products from anywhere in the world. All these services are completely secured using the blockchain technology. Thesaurum is basically backed by the gold mines and as we know that Bitcoin which is a first cryptocurrency and the Gold are very similar. The most common feature of cryptos and the gold is that both are limited. Talking about Bitcoin,it has a limit of 21 million BTC and this will not be change under any circumstances, so it's worth it. Talking about the gold, the sum of Gold mining and reserves is almost 210,000 tons and also some researchers think that the developers of BTC decided the sum of Bitcoins to be issued on the basisof Gold sum. TSM Airdrop Program Airdrop is basically gifting the free tokens to those people who supported the project in its initial state. Talking about Thesaurum Airdrop Program, the officials have decided to allocate 2 percent of total supply of TSM for the Airdrops. There will be more than two phases of TSM Airdrop. It is very easy to participate in the airdrops campaign of TSM. The good thing is that the project is new and everyone is eligible to participate in the Airdrop. You just have to complete the small tasks which aregiven below. 1. Register for Thesaurum website providing the registration email 2. Join and be a member of the official Thesaurum telegram group 3. Follow the Thesaurum official page on twitter After completing these above tasks you need to fill in the Airdrop form here: In this form, you just have to enter your email address from which you have registered on thesaurum website, your twitter user name and the telegram handle Thesaurum Airdrop rules and regulation: Any type of Ill-mannered communication is not welcome in the telegram group. Administrator have the right to delete any of the posts and to remove anyone who is going against thetolerable communication standards. Please keep the chat welcoming. Please do not send any spam message otherwise Thesaurum Admins will warn you first time and ban you if you continue to send any spam messages. To be qualified for the Airdrop program you have to be a Member of Thesaurum Telegram community until the Token sale is over and the airdrop distribution is completed. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact any of thesaurum admins directly in Telegram Chat. Be sure to check out Thesaurum whitepaper at: To participate in our ongoing Private sale and take advantage of Bonuses sign up on Thesaurum website:
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