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  1. What? I cant even understand what you were trying to say. Did you even get my point ? Coz it seems like we are on the same page. I just cant comprehend your broken english grammar.
  2. Sell btc now and regret later. Thats the only thing I could say if youre Currenly selling your btc. In 2020 there will be another ATH and that's almost a hundred percent guaranteed.
  3. I think facebook coin can easily be recognized by a lot of people coz their social media platform is very popular around the world so advertisement is not a hindrance for them.
  4. If youre comfortable selling your btc today then sell it. If not then wait until next year coz surely there will be bull run coming in the 2020 halving.
  5. I only use the home page of my browser coz it automatically updates the latest cryptocurrency news. Sometimes in telegram and Google.
  6. Im not a huge fan of price trend and history repeating it self. Everything that happens in the market has its corresponding reason why, It does not have any correlation from the past events.
  7. Biggest disadvantage for the user is the cyber security. Not everyone is well informed about how the hackers will attack your wallet. Although this can be avoided with proper education on how not to get hacked.
  8. Thats funny coz bitcoin faucet is not profitable anymore jsut like before were there are a lot of good offers not only bitcoin but with some alt coins too.
  9. Hyip is only good if youre one of the pioneering investors once you received a profit for the very first time if possible leave immediately coz they will mostly likely to run and scam the next batch of investors.
  10. Gambling cannot be a profession if youre using your own money to gamble. Not only if your paid to play gambling like poker tournament international. Thars what your call professional gambler.
  11. Everyone is capable of learning the basic trading. But the key to a successful trader is the experience and expertise. Thats the quality you must possess dont worry if you loss your money in trading in the process of learning coz everyone has been with that situation.
  12. Whats that website? I havent heard of jt before? Is it an exchange or an online wallet? Or a website for faucets like many others?
  13. Trading is not easy. It will take you at least a few months for you to learn the very basic on how to make a profit more effectively. You need a lot of experience and expertise to a successful trades.
  14. Are there any offers for the signature campaign already? If anyone has been hired privately please tell us so we could atleast try to apply privately with that person as well
  15. I can see crytotalk forum five years for now as one of the successful forum who is capable of generating a lot income through learning and sharing ideas and discussions.
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