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  1. What the heck are you talking about? I think you quoted the wrong comment? Please be on topic and reply in line with the quoted comment. It seems that you were talking about different thing. The comment you quoted talks about navigating a crypto to usd convertion and theres no transaction yet.
  2. 2 days ago there was a massive transfer of btc from a certain exchange to an external wallet. This move was identified by many as a "whale" move and a sign to hold and accumulate more btc. Heres the link for additional info : I dont think its a whale? Coz its not a good idea to store that much btc inside an exchange. Whats your take on this?
  3. Well, thats the advantage with higher fees, its not going to be delayed. I have tried withdrawing with btc in yobit as well and I dont have any problem so far. Unlike the other exchange.
  4. Thanks for the reply guys I had find a way to lessen the withdrawal fee when transferring funds from Yobit to my local wallet. And I guess this thread should be locked now.
  5. Seriously?? Are you accusing about trolling? When you yourself dont know how to calculate an altcoin to usd/btc convertion? Come on I was just sharing you how I do these things. I think you have a problem with reading comprehension? Or Youre just too dumb because you dont know how to convert this coin? For christsake google is right in front of you! Smfh
  6. Like most people said, LTC has a cheapest withdrawal fee. Do you have any pending issues withdrawing LTC?
  7. I didnt mentioned "all cryptos" basically whats available on google is only those crypto with high volume of trades, or what cryptos your country supports the most. If you keep scrolling, google will lead you to another website if he cant convert it for you anyway. And I cant be wrong, and its not false. Coz it works, though its not with all cryptos.
  8. Hey! Did you tried XRP withdrawal? Coz ive heard theres an issue about pending XRP withdrawals on Yobit? If you do please respond.
  9. You could use google in converting crypto to usd. Just simple type the crypto you like to convert example ( Btc to usd) or (eth to usd) or (ltc to usd) you could actually input your desired figure and google will automatically convert it for you.
  10. That figures are true. If you have these coins on your wallet you could actually see the withdrawal fees when you click the withdraw button of a specific coin. I think there are still a lot more cheaper, but most of these arent supported by my local wallet. I only have to choose xrp or eth after trading.
  11. No, I dont think they counted it. They paid like 85% of my post and Im totally fine with it. Its not like Im spamming shit, but Im having a discussions here. Well, youre right quoting everything would be better. Sorry for that coz im using my mobile right now and I dont want keep scrolling around while I have works to do here in my office while at the same time replying every comments on this thread. This went off topic, just want to answer your concern.
  12. I dont exactly know the reason behind this ridiculous fees in btc withdrawals, but it goes the same to other exchanges. You really need to find a better way to cut off the costly withdrawal fees.
  13. I already did. I made a low value trade just to make sure if it works well and made a transfer to my local wallet, it went very smooth thanks to the guy above who posted list of affordable altcoin withdrawals.
  14. Hey bud! I noticed some of the users posting words not in english. Why dont you just spend a little effort in translating it on google so everyone here understands what you want to deliver.
  15. Yeah thats probably the case, in some exchanges Dash or sometimes LTC took expensive withdrawals too. Thats why Its really important to ask fellow crypto enthusiast first before making any moves to avoid regrets lol.
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