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  1. It has its level of uniqueness.There are many people who use bots and they are doing well, because they put a correct level so that it does not burn, technically it can be the best but knowing how to use it when necessary. Using robots is very unprofitable, it's better to trade alone manually, maybe for some people the right choice of robots, but for me robots can't get much profit. few months ago I was interested in trading bots, but I was still thinking whether this was good for me or not after finally monitoring the person selling bots turns out she changed his profession to become an online shop.
  2. I am very hesitant to Do Order in bitcoin. For many reason. The direction is Not clear. You can say the price drop or go up. For me I prefer be hold. yes it really happens, and i see that the main reason why is because of whales i dont know what particularly happened but based on the articles they are the one responsible for big drop of bitcoin price, but even it's happening this will be a good sign to buy more bitcoins and when it suddenly rise then it would be a big profit for me so i just wait for the good fortune. It still beading I would say However for a long term holder it's not a new thing. They have seen it hundreds times. Problem is those short term coiners. Some of them will get panicked and will end up selling their coins in lose. I have seen this people and later when the bring will go to the normal stage or become very strong then they will regret. If one is true bitcoin then I will suggest to HODL.
  3. The stop loss should always be put on, sometimes touching my stop loss takes me out of the trade and the price goes up, but other times it has also saved me from losing a lot of money. It is best to put your entry where you are going to put the stop loss and you will see how things change. I agree with you , the stop lose is most of time is annoying , but i prefer i get annoyed every time then crying on my money when I lose them cause I didn't put the stop lose. I do not use the stop loss completelyWhen I lose a deal or come downLet go and open a new deal until the previous deal goes up.
  4. I can earn lots of profit from trading. I always invest for long time trading. If we boost then it comes more popular. Pro traders concentrate on the trade itself, and not on profit and loss. They consider each trade as a technical exercise and focus on maximizing the benefits of the currency markets in accordance with their plan. Focusing on the money behind the trades can obscure technical judgment and objectivity. Trading is done by following a program and walking according to what the program saysWithout greed or deviation from what the program or planner says, it could put you at a loss.
  5. My vote is a big NO. Frankly speaking, it can be a very impossible feat for Eth to be able to reach $500 even until the end of 2019. So what about 2020 when the halving of its counterpart Bitcoin can happen? I don't know but my guess is that if there can be a big bull run Eth can still not go beyond the $500 imaginary ceiling. Now, maybe two years from now, it can be easy to see Eth already at $600. Maybe ethereum will touch 500 $ at the end of the year or early 2020 seeing the current market conditions are good. At the moment I do not think that the price of etherium will reach 500$ , but perhaps up to 300$But in the future it will reach and exceed 1000$.
  6. for now the coins that I buy and hold are bitcoin, why do I buy bitcoin? because the price of bitcoin is going down so I bought it, I'm sure bitcoin in the next year will go up in price. XCASH One of my precious coins right now, their development was really activity and the price its really cheap only 10-30 litetoshi. I will hope the price moving like nano gain x100 was good for that's coins. I am holding 2BTC at the moment. I think in future I will be able to cut a very good amount of profits from this 2 BTC.
  7. I think long term choose ltc coin is good choice. Now ltc price not high but if you invest here and hold long term then i think you can make good profit. I try to hold at least 20 lct now. Its one of the best stable coins for the long run and cheap to get atm. But time will tell. I prefer the top 20 coint on coinmarketcap. Ltc is in the top 10 so that's good. To be honest, Litecoin is my favorite coin, because I believe that the potential of Litecoin will be very profitable if hold for the long term. And many investors who are interested in Litecoin, can be proven by the large volume of Litecoin.
  8. All coins are give you profit but you need to make a long time wait because you don't make money quickly all other coins are best but this is also important that you check investment and its detail before investing then you earn money. I think all coins can benefit. But still the market basis and price and volume are still considered. Don't just choose. To be careful, it's better to choose coins that have a clear market and turnaround. Every coin or token can provide its own profit, Supply and demand are indeed important factors here such as BTT which indeed has quite extensive use casinos and Frog is needed for investment box requirements on yobit.
  9. In fact, there are some wise people who can say that the price of Bitcoin in trading will not go up or down. In fact, I can tell by looking at this picture that Bitcoin is already going up. If we trust your analyze the price should go down under 6900$ to go up to 7400$. But we have see that the the price is fall down from 7900$ to 7400$ and we expect that he Will break the 7600$ and we don't have this , so we hope you are right. This picture shows that Bitcoin is on the rise. The picture that you get from the analyst can be seen in this picture.
  10. The most important thing is the strategy, the way it works and the successful tradingLack of availability means loss and lack of success in trading. Yes, these steps are essential to start trading, but the most important thing is to follow a successful strategy in the analysis in order to earn profits. Actually trading is way more than that! You cant just make money from your portfolio with trading! If you trade without any proper research, you most probably loose the money soon enough! So before start Trading you'll have to do plenty of research, technical and fundamental analysis to find a profitable pair and trade on it.
  11. A perfect storm is coming. The most intelligent minds gather around Bitcoin, and the fiat system is close to collapse. Bitcoin is embracing ever new markets, and public awareness is growing. It’s just a matter of time before the majority of the population realizes how useful this technology is. All I can advise you is to get some coins for yourself. In the worst case scenario, if Bitcoin fails, you will lose several hundred dollars. If successful, more likely, see you on the moon. It is up to you, my friend, to buy at the price you see fitIf you are a good analyst you can make a decision through the index If you see in the index that Bitcoin reached the minimum decline you can buy because then there will come a rise in price Whether it is a strong height or a slight height. In my opinion, you need to buy bitcoin now, because if you buy bitcoin today, bitcoin is now declining, so you buy bitcoin now and then wait until the price of bitcoin goes up again so you get profit.
  12. Nahna


    This is a forum. If you want to trade you should go to or other exchanges. On this forum you can post and you'll receive some coins you can learn to do trading with though. But again, you should make an account on yobit and link it to this account. Yes of course you can trade on this site, you can earn coins by posting through this website and you can increase the investment coins by trading through Yobit. And if any help is needed then I will explain what I can. this is a forum not a trading platform, but if you want to trade you can check on google there are a lot of trading platform, but if your new to crypto trading i think it's better if you use yobit which is easy. Work with.
  13. I have been on cryptotalk long time, I have earned many BTC here, yes cryptotalk it's an amazing platform, if a beginner gets his worth of work within a little time then he works with extra energy and more dedication. platform not only for the enrichment of knowledge also for making BTC by little work.For offline wallet, you can buy nano ledger wallet. It's super safe, and secure. For online wallet. For desktop, I would use Electrum as mentioned before. When the moment comes you have more crypto, I suggest to invest in a Ledger or Trezor wallet. Keeping your coins safe is the most important thing. If you have pc then the best wallet to have is electrum, no reason to consider anything else. It is the most popular and in my opinion the best. Also the next release of electrum will support lightning payments.
  14. Yes I agree with you and I use trading in successful investment but it is difficult if you do not have enough experience. Risk is involved in investment, defined there will be loss we just have to try to reduce the loss not to be losing to much when we should be losing to Little. Your words are true but the subject requires considerable experience in the field in order to achieve the desired success.
  15. Of course you can earn $20 a day. And I think you have to trade to do that. If you can understand the situation, you can earn $20 a day. You can earn more than that if have a knowledge and reputable at bitcointalk, a few signature campaign paid using a bitcoin. But you need a merits to be accepted at the campaign, with knowledge you can earn merits and start your earning from signature campaign. I recommend you to educate yourself first before stepping into the mysterious world of cryptocurrencies. If you make mistake you may lose all your money First start with lower amounts and gradually increase your investments. Yes, it is possible to earn not only $20 but much more than that in a day from bitcoin.
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