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  1. I think that people increase their confidence in cryptocurrencies, and increasing this confidence leads to an increase in reliance on cryptocurrencies and an increase in their investment, which leads to an increase in their value and thus their prosperity, means that the prosperity of cryptocurrencies comes from the acceptance and confidence of people in them.
  2. CryptoTalk is always the best, it helped me and most of the members to launch in the field of cryptocurrencies, it provided us with a lot of information in addition to the daily profits from our posts, I think that of the few sites that give this amount to beginners, I always invite my friends to work here, It is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to start with cryptocurrencies.
  3. I believe that cryptocurrencies were created to free people from the domination of banks, they manipulate people through taxes and sanctions, and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the economic world, and Bitcoin will be the talk of the country for many years. I hope that Bitcoin will dominate the global economy, this will benefit the people a lot.
  4. Your words are correct, my friend, the fame of Bitcoin comes from the amazing blockchain that it owns, and the decentralization it enjoys. Banks and banks cannot tax people through Bitcoin, so people go to use Bitcoin to achieve confidentiality and to save customer expenses, on the other hand, there are many Big project currencies, such as Ethereum and Litecoin - but I do not think that one of them will reach the rank of Bitcoin.
  5. Dear friend, I think that the main difference between cryptocurrencies and Paypal is privacy. Paypal requires personal information such as your name, number and account, and this is something that is not present in cryptocurrencies - they are very secret and safe, and through which you can enjoy a lot of privacy.
  6. Certainly my friend, Bitcoin is a very huge currency, its rise and fall will definitely affect the rest of the cryptocurrencies, but there are some currencies that rise when bitcoin falls, and that is due to the increased demand for it. All this has been happening since the inception of Bitcoin, it has revolutionized the economic world.
  7. In fact, I do not care about these currencies, I only care about large, reliable currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, doge and XRP. Investing in them is always profitable. I heard about XTZ that it will be useful in the future, and analysts expect that it will become significant. I can buy some and store it, because I don't want to regret it later.
  8. I think that a strong cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is not affected much by whales, and what really determines its value is supply and demand, it rises and falls every day thousands of dollars, if the demand for it will rise, and if the supply is going down, these are the paths of Bitcoin Difficult to predict because of this feature, but as far as whales are concerned, we don't must to worry about them, just keep investing in bitcoin.
  9. Dear friend, I think that the term "cryptocurrency addiction" is called greed and money addiction. These do not only happen in cryptocurrencies, in the stock exchange and gambling, all of which happen to people addiction, and addiction to cryptocurrencies is one of them.
  10. In fact, your thinking is correct about investing in a currency other than Bitcoin, but I do not agree with you about leaving Bitcoin now, Bitcoin has not reached its highest peak yet, we must remain invested in it, now it has reached the 60 thousand dollars, and analysts expect it to reach 100 thousand Dollars, we must trust Bitcoin and be patient until we make a huge profit from it.
  11. In fact, it will be a great thing for cryptocurrencies to be invested by a celebrity, Lionel Messi or LeBron James, the popularity of cryptocurrencies will increase dramatically, and the amount of people who will invest in them will increase, because they follow their example, and those with money like them will definitely invest.
  12. Well, if your lover is a user of cryptocurrencies, you can send him some currencies on this occasion, he will be happy with it, a gift of gold Bitcoin, for example, will be very wonderful.
  13. Do not worry, my friend, Bitcoin will not go, it is present now and will definitely complete in the future, as his project and blockchain are amazing, so here is very safe, we must always trust Bitcoin.
  14. Investing in Bitcoin in particular is a long-term investment, you cannot profit from it immediately, you have to wait and wait for the currency to rise, there are people who have Bitcoin when its price was $ 3500 and now its price is $ 60,000, and until now they keep an amount of it, store some and Wait for the rise, be patient.
  15. Dear friend, because of these whales, you have to remain completely vigilant, when the prices are low, in order to seize your opportunity and buy, in large cryptocurrencies the influence of the whales is weak, I advise you to teach the technique and drawing. Analyze and increase your experience in order to become a predictor of the cryptocurrency pathway.
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