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  1. I'm accept any risk in crypto, but before taking that risk, i will first do some analysis to avoid that, and also investing in a safecoin such as Chainlink that have good fundamental, and also TA
  2. that is depend on what do you trading in? Spot market or Leverage? Leverage is risky but its give you more profit, this just recomended for professional trader. I usually use my 20% cash to trade Leverage and other 80% i will use to hold Coin with good fundamental for longterm, such as Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum,YO, and BNB
  3. I'm usually use Binance for leverage trading, and altcoin spot market, But Yobit is also a good exchange because its no need to KYC and also have some feature that other exchange will not have such as InvestBox. I'm also investing in yo best passive income 6% month with no risk, and some event like ICO .
  4. In crypto, you will never get your money back, because no one can help you this system is completely decentralization, but that is also the reason why BTC is expensive, because this is freedom you can control your own money without being connected with any institution.
  5. But we need to use the money that we affordable to loss, so when Bitcoin price go down we dont affraid and dont panic sell, because we all know that Bitcoin price is very volatility.
  6. I'm agree with this, Anyone will always loss money, but the different is when someone loss they learn from the mistake, and someone also dont learn from loss, If you learn from your experience, I'm sure that you will not do the same mistake in future
  7. ASICs is profitable, but you always need new Device, So the bestway to earn in mining is hold your mined BTC for 1-5years and then sell it, i think it will be very profitable, ofc you can sell some for electricity bill.
  8. I'm agree with this, they just use Bitcoin name to give hardfork to BTC user, I dont think that the price will rise again BCHSV, or BCD but I'm now investing in BCD because it have halving event in 29 July, But for longterm i will just hold BTC , or ETH to perpare ETH2.0
  9. I think it already popular, the people just dont know how to use, and they dont earn from crypto, but for sure if you ask they Bitcoin, they will know at least that is digital money.
  10. This ic good for BTC and cryptocurrency, because this is new adoption, we always need new adoption for crypto because that is demand, BTC have limited supply, so when new demand come, it will for sure rise and reach higher level, at now you can buy 1 BTC easily, i think in next 10 years you will hard to buy1 BTC because there will be many people (Demand ) Go to BTC, BTC price high and the supply will be rare.
  11. Bullrun, mean that we are in a bull market for a longtime, and many people FOMO in so the price keep going high , This happens in Bitcoin after the halving, usually need 6 month to reach the previous all time high and then we will start that bullrun
  12. I will stay here because in cryptotalk is more easy to use than bitcointalk to find information, and then when we find information we can still earning money , in now they used talk token to pay us i be more interesting, because talk token price can go up, and also we have 1% daily, so we can earn more, Thanks
  13. In my opinion, many people didn't get the Information about this new campaign, they will be back if Cryptotalk and Yobit more active to promote it, And maybe some people think that Talk token price will not be high , they more like BTC payment. But I'm personally more like Talk Token Payment because the price can go up because of the demand, and also we have 1% daily Investbox to earn more.
  14. I'm very like the InvestBox features, because you will never find it at other exchanger, Investbox is risky but if you can avoid that risk, InvestBox is more comfort than leverage trading, Other exchanger also have Staking pool, but the interest rate is low,So i choose Investbox Than using other exchange staking pool.
  15. I'm also take break for 2 weeks, when i'm login my account still fine, so i think nothing to worry about it, I'm use this forum to get many information that i need, and also to earn some Talk token
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