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  1. The ideal way a good trader would approach it is to wait for it to teach his target. One problem beginners are getting is that they don't take precautions. Invest money that you wont be afraid to lose. You should also invest money that is not part of your necessities.
  2. Tron and cosmos seems to be on the good side too. These coins are also very powerful and they are becoming popular gradually. Tron is sometimes called the ethereum killer. So there is a possibility that it will kill ethereum. But let's wait to see what will happen.
  3. This form of making crypto is a waste of time. No person serious to make money will focus on this. The best way to make money with crypto is to trade or hodl. You can also stake currencies for profits but clicking after each hour is a waste of time
  4. Digital currencies are safe if you want them to be. There are so many strategies that you can implement to make your coins very secured. You can make use of 2 factor authentication as it is the best form if security right now. If possible also add mobile authentication so as to double the security.
  5. Bitcoin was the first coin to come in existence. So it makes it more popular and out perform other currencies. It has established trust and through it many people have become millionaires. This is perhaps the reason why it has so many attention.
  6. Well in crypto currencies everyone is on his own and there is no reason to be humble with some other person because everyone is playing his own game. Everyone takes his profits or loss and we can't blame one another. So being humble isn't really a thing for me.
  7. There are a few coins that are also trying interns of market capitalization and also in price. Ethereum and litecoin are the two coins that have a chance if rivalling bitcoin in the future. These coins have good reputation and the chances if them growing is high.
  8. Exchanges are the best place to make your investment because you can trade them immediately with other coins. Some people think it is risky but if you have a secured exchange then you don't have to worry about getting scammed
  9. A lot of people focus too much on fear and forget to focus on some other things. People that have determination always succeed. I think that you should follow your thoughts and make the right calls.
  10. No one gets fed up with money. The need for money always keeps coming and we always need more. This makes us not to stop looking for money. I don't think anyone would be willing to give up making money unless he is tired of the work.
  11. There are so many projects in crypto that offer high returns for small investments. Most if them are scammers and you should avoid them. This is some of the ways that they get to scam people. They place a good offer for you which you can't resist.
  12. I think that you should make them aware because crypto currencies would become a very big thing very soon. People need to get are for bitcoin. They need to get ready before it becomes a big deal.
  13. I don't like the idea of storing bitcoin in your smartphone. What would be more preferable is to have it in a bit wallet like trust wallet and atomic wallet. You can also make use of ledger and trezor as they can be connected to your smartphone.
  14. Yes the remaining perce rage is to represent the best coins which also stands as the top coins in the market. The list of crypto currencies keep increasing which makes choosing the best one to invest into a difficulty.
  15. I don't want you to forget tron. Tron is also a very good coin that is also receiving a lot if attention. It also has its own blockchain and it is used to build decentralized applications and smart contracts. It is sometimes tagged ethereum killer.
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