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  1. Thank you for this Mansour. We should beware of these messages and not open them, because all our balance can be stolen due to lack of experience and lack of knowledge of these fraud methods.
  2. There are a lot of old publications, but they are useful and contain a lot of information and when you comment on them, inquiries can be answered, and also we cannot publish on similar topics so I should comment on them Unstived of them
  3. When I saw the image and read the site’s name, I doubted that there is fraud in the matter. I do not enter the site unless the site is reliable and unifies the evidence of withdrawing money.
  4. I thank you for sharing our experience with everyone. There is an experience and difficulties that he finds in any site or in any forum, but strong people are the ones who struggle and make the effort to excel in the field.
  5. The wallet is the place where you keep your money and you must have a wallet to be able to send and receive money. One of the best wallets is a blockchain wallet.
  6. When I see a post, I look at the person who posted it, and Iler heard it. If it is large, I know that Al-Mansour has useful and good content and that the information is reliable. This matter really benefits us.
  7. I think that the price of one symbol is equal to 10 cents, meaning that 250 currencies equals 2.5 dollars, and I would like the corresponding pair to be Bitcoin because it is the most popular and I would like to include more people in this forum Wonderful
  8. There is now a special science in the field of trading and technical analysis is called a standard that unifies the fundamental analysis that the technical depends on the candles in the stock market and the basic analysis depends on the news that announces the field of cryptocurrencies you can Learn from these two things and earn money
  9. This matter is very good and if it is applied it will be a distinguished achievement in the field of cryptocurrencies and an excellent quality transfer. Thus this field will spread faster in all the world
  10. These are very famous examples of fraud. Most of the sites that are new to origin and give high values of money, know that they are fraud sites, especially investment sites.
  11. Thank you for this support. We should give good reviews for the rest of the comments. This gives us a positive push and a good feeling to complete our missions and share each other with useful information.
  12. I have heard about a forum bitcointalk But browsing with it is not easy, and for the sake of such a forum, you also need a lot of time to become a member and unlike this wonderful forum
  13. Cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, are better than physical currencies because they are easy to deal with, especially exchange, but there is a problem that many people and countries do not recognize yet.
  14. There are a lot of people who waste a lot of time collecting information from sources that may be unreliable, and there are those who have been installed, but this forum helped us to obtain reliable information and also a little money
  15. I would like to publish, but I find it difficult to find posts that you will find welcome by members and will comment on it. I once posted and took a warning point because of that and I do not want to gain another warning point
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