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  1. Rolling their own crypto currency or just mere banning every coin in the crypto world. That could really make it worthless. The black market will not be enough to sustain it. Now, we are still in the internet world and we are slowly moving to the futuristic type of technology. I bet it will take more decades before it happens or maybe a century. For now, let us get richer by using crypto to buy things that are hard to be earned. Real estate is one good idea.�
  2. any causes that make the project die. Although many new crypto projects emerge every day, some projects will survive if they have clear goals and the latest innovations that are very useful. Projects that cannot survive and die are then called SCAM projects, because they do not do the maximum marketing to market their projects. Now ICO is no longer interesting and has been replaced by IEO which is more leverage in token sales. But the main factor why most crypto projects die is the dominance of bitcoin which is getting stronger to 71%.
  3. Stating that a project's coin will be listed in one of the best exchanges is something to look for investors. But of course you need to make sure that you are on the right path. What I meant from right path is making sure that the project is not a scam by its legibility. There are actually a lot of ways to spot it. You can even see it through their whitepaper.
  4. Normally, miners on a proof-of-work blockchain like ethereum and test network Ropsten are required to manually upgrade their software in order to ensure the smooth continuation of a single chain.According to Hudson, the majority of miners on the Ropsten blockchain did not upgrade to the latest software, since the time of the hard fork caught many developers off guard. This has resulted in a split of the test network between those mining on the upgraded chain and those mining on the outdated chain.
  5. Not really killing it, but it affects much.It will decrease the trust of the investors to cryptocurrency's world, because sometimes new investors are not doing research to a project that much so they will be snared by scam project
  6. Because we cannot make a profit if we were selling that altcoin. At least, we can hope that the altcoin can increase in the future. But unfortunately, no one will know if the price can increase or not. Who knows, the altcoin will be a gold coin in the future I still hold many altcoins because I get those altcoins from what I did in the past and I have the patience to wait for the price to increase. But it's up to you, what you want to do with your coins
  7. It will be randomized yes.The generational vision of Marquise $Museum is to become a small and globalized principality of investors like Liechtenstein or Monaco in accordance with the neo feudal model of society that I believe will be implemented with private money in this century, starting in the next decade.$M-II is designed for relatively small circulation between elite collectors perhaps up to a few hundred thousand individuals, each owning between several hundred into hundred of thousands of stacks but probably not more as the value of this coin may then be $100 and up to support circulation in this size.The token will be integrated with many thousands of peers when crypto/merchant gateways are enabled and in our case Waves is the mother platform through which this coin is circulated.Because of its early integration and adoption on blockchain, $M-II will enjoy high status in the new economic system if managed well without incident.This is already a neo feudal world and I researched Gisele...
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