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  1. From mornig to midnight I read lot of articles.They come to my inbox from newsletters I subscribed before in three langs English, Albanian and Serbian. 30% of them are about cryptocurrecies. I post here aproximately 10 of them in Eng. with a souce link in bottom. If this is in conflict with rules please tell me and I will stop it immediatly. Copy-paste contet with source link is allowed as I know. Isaa
  2. None of us know everythig, I post analytics, reports and news that do not conflict with forum rules.
  3. Ok, I will consider it!
  4. A recent report from the Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce shows that salaries in the Canadian blockchain industry are amongst the highest in the country. Much needed legal clarity The Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada released its October report on the country’s blockchain ecosystem, showing insights into the health of the industry, current strengths and legal needs throughout Canada.p A recent report from the Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce shows that salaries in the Canadian blockchain industry are amongst the highest in the country. Much needed legal clarity The Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada released its October report on the country’s blockchain ecosystem, showing insights into the health of the industry, current strengths and legal needs throughout Canada...
  5. The cryptocurrency industry isn’t replacing Wall Street just yet. But inventors and entrepreneurs are working on it, with some initial success, albeit modest. In this case, an option premium of 0.0202 bitcoin ($217 at the time) paid via a smart contract may have just become the proof of concept. The latest target for blockchain disruption is options trading tied to the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, the main benchmark for U.S. stocks. It’s a massive market, with roughly $400 billion of the options changing hands every day last year, on average.
  6. John McAfee’s new decentralized exchange will launch today. According to MaAfee, as of now, any and all Ethereum (ETH) ERC-20 tokens can be enabled for instant trading for free. However, there will be a 0.25% fee imposed on market takers in the future. McAfee also stated that users should not be “expecting miracles at first” and encouraged them to allow time for "others to join". Cryptopotato
  7. Ripple’s XRP price analysis: XRP/USD could fly if $0.2800-0.2900 barrier is broken down Ripple’s XRP price in the session on Monday is trading up with decent gains of some 8%, following a surge to the upside out from a narrowing range. XRP/USD has pushed into the highest levels that have been seen since 23 September. The momentum came after the bulls managed to escape tight limited trading conditions, where the price was capped by resistance at $0.2600.
  8. Whales have just moved over 50M USDT from Huobi and $8M from Bitfinex onto Binance. Many are claiming that this may be a buy signal indicating that the local bottom is in. It’s not often we hear about millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency being moved between exchanges. That’s why a recent deposit into Binance originating from Huobi is raising eyebrows. One user has just moved 50,399,967 USDT to Binance, as picked up by Whale Alert (@whale_alert).
  9. Sabrina T. Howell Assistant Professor, Finance, NYU Stern School of Business & NBER Bitcoin represents a watershed in the development of digital assets: It was the first decentralized currency that managed to prevent cheating (often called the “double spend” problem), encode rules for creating new currency, and incentivize participants (“miners”) to maintain and secure the historical record of transactions. This is a breakthrough in record keeping that is not about any one currency—and there are now thousands of cryptocurrencies. It’s about the underlying decentralized, tamper-resistant record keeping technology of blockchain. My answer to “What’s going to happen with Bitcoin?” is that I have no idea. Bitcoin faces many challenges to widespread use, including the fact that it can handle just 7 transactions per second, while Visa can handle 10,000. However, if the main miners adopt a protocol update enabling higher volumes, it’s not impossible that Bitcoin will become much more widely used. Today, it is mostly a speculative asset, a tool for money laundering, and a currency of last resort for people in countries with grossly mismanaged currencies, like Venezuela. The bigger picture is that blockchain will affect all sectors that rely on secure data transacted among many participants, which is basically all sectors. This fall Walmart’s leafy green suppliers will be required to use the IBM blockchain built for supply chain logistics. This is not an accident, because leafy greens are often the site of food borne illnesses and the cause of expensive recalls. When each package is on the blockchain, managers will be able to source the problem to the farm in seconds rather than weeks, and discard only the packages from the problem farm. I believe that healthcare, financial services, and real estate will also see their data shift to blockchains.
  10. 1. Waves (WAVES) Waves WAVES, 2.39% is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to facilitate the trading of digital assets of all kinds as well as real-world commodities. The project was created by Russian physicist Sasha Ivanov, and allows anyone to create their own custom token and trade it on the Waves platform. The project has also hosted a number of ICOs and been a reliable choice for teams looking to raise funds via an Initial Coin Offering. 2. Qtum (QTUM) Qtum QTUM, 5.18% is a digital currency whose unique feature is that it can execute a smart contract as part of an unspent transaction. It’s designed for powering decentralized mobile apps as well as integrating with other blockchains. The team behind the project are based in Singapore, and Qtum borrows elements from both Bitcoin and Ethereum, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine which is used to execute smart contracts. 3. DigixDAO (DGD) The team behind the Digix project created the Digix Gold Token DGX, 3.32% token based around the idea of digitizing physical gold in order to provide a transparent and less volatile currency. Each DGX token is backed by the purchase of a physical unit of gold, and each token represents 1 gram of gold, the token naturally follows the price of gold and provides cryptocurrency investors with reliable hedging options in periods of extreme volatility. Holders of the DigixDAO DGD, 6.10% token are able to participate in governing the project.
  11. Decentralized oracle network Chainlink has presented the Trusted Compute Framework (TCF) that is supposed to propel enterprise Blockchain adoption. The advent of the TCF will solve the scalability issue by executing computation off-chain. Off-chain smart contract processing is more efficient than traditional blockchain transactions because it does not require replicated execution at each blockchain node.
  12. Source: Pixabay Binance coin had quite a rollercoaster year among all other altcoins, where it reached its all-time high price of $39.30; however, since then its price has been on a constant decline. BNB was trading at $12.259 at press time, with a downfall of 0.40% on the 24-hour price chart. 4-Hour Price Chart Source: BNB/USD on TradingView BNB formed a bearish pennant on the 4-hour price chart, characterized by a mid-way pause in the earlier downtrend and the price continued to move sideways forming a narrow price channel. A bearish pennant is followed by a bearish price breakout, thus BNB looked bearish in the short term.
  13. The crypto market has extremely low barriers to entry, meaning anyone with an internet connection, a smartphone or a computer and a bit of starting capital can theoretically become a trader. Sadly, most of these beginners learn hard lessons and go broke. Here are 10 common mistakes made by beginning traders that you should avoid at all costs. 1. Starting with real money rather than paper trading There is no reason for a beginning trader to use real money when there are endless resources and platforms for paper trading, including Tradingview. Anyone interested in becoming a professional trader should first develop a system based on a simple set of guidelines for their entries, exits and risk management. This should not be done with actual money. Paper trade until you are ready to lose your mind, then paper trade some more.
  14. Pioneer in comprehensive regulation On Oct. 3, the Parliament of Liechtenstein approved the Blockchain Act, which aims to improve investor protection, combat money laundering and establish clarity. The new law will enter into force on Jan. 1, 2020. The parliament’s announcement claims that this act will make Liechtenstein the first country to have comprehensive regulation of the token economy. The newly approved law will regulate civil law issues in relation to client and asset protection, while establishing adequate supervision of the various service providers in the token economy. Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister Adrian Hasler said:
  15. Astral mailed to me yesterday. They warn to pull all assets beacuse they are going down forever URGENT: ACTION REQUIRED Astral is shutting down. Please log in and download your private key. Until Nov. 1 2019, Astral will show you your private keys when you log in. After storing it safely, you may send funds with the Stellar account viewer. Alternatively, you can just send your deposits to an exchange or another wallet. Astral login: Stellar Account Viewer:!/ Supported Wallets: Failure to store your private key safely, or send funds to a different wallet before November 1st, 2019 will result in a loss of funds. Thank you so much for using Astral! We are truly grateful. - The Astral Team
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