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  1. Why should they thankful to you while they giving you a good reputation? I don't understand lol. You should be the one who thankful.
  2. OP didn't answer my question about the bike conditions, maybe he is already selling the bike. Looking at the post date he should make profits now.
  3. This is something that must be done because it been planned. Not to attract the attention of investors. You should look a references for this.
  4. They force themselves to get funding at the wrong time. Plus their products don't reach many people. Many of them are announcing a fake amount of funds collected.
  5. They should offer compensation at least 10 BNB per person lol. True, or not? Personal data should be carefully safeguarded. The price of personal data is invaluable and 10 BNB is a very small price.
  6. Make useful posts on this forum every day and receive 30000 satoshi every day. Then learn how to trade properly. You can trade directly on your yobit account.
  7. You can just do it at your home. You can buy several mining rigs (GPU). But did you know that mining requires deep knowledge? You also have to always update your knowledge. You need learn it by yourself and you will find mining is profitable.
  8. The problem is in yourself. You cannot blame market volatility. You have to learn a lot and that's all you have to do.
  9. That's an example that already exists and we all already know that bitcoin is the first to become a payment method. What I'm asking is what is your idea?
  10. This is not a cloud mining. Do you know nicehash and yes this is a similar to nicehash. Cudo is a mining rig management.
  11. We are discussing here. Everyone can't agree. But we will see whether more people will discuss or not. At the moment the voting is still opened so speak out.
  12. And where is the list? where did you take that copied text. Thank you I will add NUS to the list. Do you have a link to the University of France? I can't find the link.
  13. I think you are spamming hard on this forum with your weird language. Please stop it! the forum will suffer and we all can be forced to stop this campaign.
  14. When you enter the crypto trade, you probably know the risks that must be faced. You have to know where to stop and you don't need to feel disappointed.
  15. Yes, prospector game is one game that pays and you don't need to spend anything. You only need to take the time to play.
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