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  1. It is a temporary problem. I pm the admin and he answered they must refill the balance first. I see you have two BR now. You must report because people will think they can do everything they like if you let them.
  2. Well, I could if I would. But for what? Lol. You're not a celebrity or satoshi. I am busy lol.
  3. I just saw this thread. Where I can see the script? Did I miss the promo code? Damn, I followed you but never see this thread before.
  4. Trade and hold will make you rich. But I will trade less now until the halving event is over. The buying mode is on. Holding mode is activated.
  5. See you are not good at trading. You can make a post and influence people even the news is not included any source. This is a good news but without source.
  6. That's right, I agree with you. An example is you. You are more suitable here and do not have the talent to trade. Congratulations and please make a post bro!
  7. You must use the correct word for your post. This forum is not even a year old. I also using the coinomi mobile wallet. But they must add more themes or make a new design for the UI.
  8. All user can start from 1 dollars in my local exchange. But that will generate slow profit. I suggest using a minimum of 300 dollars to start trading. I make a profit of 5 to 10 dollars a day with this capital. Even if I'm lucky I can make more profit.
  9. I see all people are expecting ripple to rise and yes I was hoping too. Everybody said it will rise to 1 dollar again. Yes, let us wait for this good news.
  10. It will rise to 9000 or more, not drop. This price increase will happen soon. Hopefully, it can penetrate $ 20,000. Let's buy a lot.
  11. There is no trick behind Satoshi's anonymity. That is someone's privacy right. If you think this is a trick you should be ashamed because you are paid using bitcoin which is a Satoshi work.
  12. Larger payments may be possible but must be in line with requirements that can assure the quality of posts. Read my discussion with OP above. You're welcome. Pm them once and wait for their answer. Don't flood them or you will get a ban.
  13. Here is the link. Desais did answer me on the thread. If you call him on the thread but he is not answering, then PM him. Maybe he is busy.
  14. Does anyone use 2captcha? I would like a testimonial from people here. I would give this job to my friend if this paid.
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