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  1. Ethereum comes with a smart contract, which means it has better features than bitcoin, so you are wrong about this. Altcoin cannot match bitcoin in terms of price because bitcoin investors invest in an altcoin. And this is the appropriate solution and has the potential to become a reality. The main trading price of altcoin must be pegged to FIAT only.
  2. Now is the era of IEO. I avoid ICOs that do not use escrow and are not transparent in fundraising. It is better to stop supporting ICO projects either in investment or work (bounty). Choose a safer system.
  3. The P2P transaction is the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin. I am sure more and more people will use bitcoin and blockchain in the future. And we can do transactions directly with our friends or neighbors.
  4. I use the candlestick and my calculation. The candle is a bit confusing for a new trader. However, you can simplify them. I also use my feeling and combine them with math. I sometimes look at the development news for some projects.
  5. What do you mean by structure? We don't know it yet. It might be useful in their platform. Let's wait and see first. I realize their movement can be helpful in breaking the regulation limits.
  6. I have left my main job because it is very time-consuming. Now I work at a blockchain company and remain a bounty hunter. I am sure many have not yet been explored in this crypto world. So for the next 30 years, it is still promising. Now I have more time for my family. ๐Ÿก
  7. SCNLHS I am late or not? lol. Oh whatever i just found out. Anyway congratulations for all airdrop participant. I will join next time. This airdrop verification method is great
  8. lucky80

    USB Miner

    I used a USB miner in the past. Now it's not profitable. Visit the whattomine.com site, and you can calculate the profit. I suggest you use ASIC or GPU. But if you want to try USB miner, go ahead. You can compare Moonlander and Apollo.
  9. When I first joined this forum, I didn't have the chance to introduce myself. Because I love this forum so much, I want to introduce myself. Nickname: lucky80 Address: Genesis Block 0 Date Joined: September, 27 2019 Hobby: Mining, Trading, Blogging Favorite color: Black Job: Blockchain Creative Publisher Favorite coin: BTC and all shitcoin When you know BTC: 2010 Motto: To be or not to be. The brave are always lucky. So if you care and love this forum, you should introduce yourself as I do. After this post was published, I am expecting the first post for new users joined should be in this introduction thread. You can use this form to introduce yourself: Nickname: Address: Date Joined: Hobby: Favorite color: Job: Favorite coin: When you know BTC: Motto: Post rule in this thread: Post one time only about your introduction No discussion. The user who breaks those two rules and forum rules will be considered as a spammer. Thanks and Goodluck.
  10. It will not prevent or eliminate spam posts. But at least it will give time to detect spammers. Also, to prevent them from receiving payments because they have been banned before reaching 100 posts.
  11. Yes, we should get compensation because user data is more valuable than anything. They should pay more attention to security by paying white hackers to look for security holes. And this is a kind of job that can not be stopped.
  12. Spammers and creators of duplicate or thread posts will not be paid before deleted posts match the number of posts displayed on their profile. You should read before you make a post. Post payment problems have been explained in this post. https://cryptotalk.org/topic/7623-update28102019-payment-for-posts-explanation/ And if this thread is moved to the off-topic section or deleted by the moderator, then all posts here will not be paid. So be choosy before responding to any thread. And stop posting here!
  13. Here is a list of institutions or companies that provide blockchain courses or education. Please add another if you know other places that offer classes or training related to cryptography, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Association: Association of International Certified Profesional Accountants Institution: Berkeley University of California Copenhagen Business School Duke University Insead Massachusetts Institute of Technology New York Institute of Finance Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology New York University Tandon School of Engineering Stanford School of Engineering Princeton University Rutgers The State University of New Jersey The Hongkong University of Science and Technology Univesidad Austral University at Buffalo The State University Of New York. University of California Irvine University of Cape Town University of Colorado System University of New Mexico University of Pennsylvania University of Zurich Company/Organizations: Blockgeeks Consensys EIT Digital Freecodecamp IBM
  14. In addition to substantial funds, you must also have a different concept from the existing exchange because there are already many exchanges with unclear concepts being closed. You can discuss it with me if you are serious about your plans.
  15. Can you check if each post is related to the topic? If it is not related, you must report it.
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