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  1. There are a lot of telegram scammers out there, we all need to be extremely smart and wise because most people who get scammed today aren't smart or wise
  2. To my own opinion I think that the future of crypto currency will be bright because most people are now adopting crypto currency and I know that surely surely crypto will rule the world
  3. To me one if The safest wallet is coinbase, coinbase is very good crypto currency wallet or has so many features and I think that more people will start using coinbase once they discovered the good news
  4. Some people do take crypto as their normal job but as for me I think that crypto is part time job because you spend some few of your time and it's done within shot period of time
  5. To my own opinion I don't think that there is any other crypto currency that will be better than bitcoin bitcoin has been adopted by a lot of people and I know that later in the future bitcoin is going to be the most use currency worldwide
  6. You don't need huge amount of money before you can start trading, you can start trading with as little as you have and if you are serious with trading I think that you will be profitable at the end
  7. As for me I like blockchain wallet because it's safe and easy to use and it has extra layer of security, I think that blockchain wallet is one of the best crypto wallet and I know it will be the number crypto wallet
  8. For The now I'm using blockchain wallet and this wallet has been really good to me I believe that if we add two factor authenticator definitely I think that our blockchain wallet will be more safer
  9. They are a lot of good Android bitcoin wallet out there in play store but you need to pick the particular crypto wallet that we be suitable for you to store and keep your crypto currency without any fear
  10. To my own opinion I think that bitcoin is going to rise more than we all expected, I believe that if we all knows how bitcoin really works, I think that we are all going to earn huge From bitcoin
  11. First of all you are highly welcome to this great forum, I will advise you to read the rules and regulations of this forum so that you can know the forums works and make sure that you are constantly posting to receive more earnings
  12. After you have completed a hundred post I think that you should consider yourself as a full member now and you can probably increasing your rank if you are very hard working
  13. We all should know that they are many fake channels out there we need to be careful when it comes to channels I think that you should always secured your self and be smart
  14. If crypto is fully adopted that means a the whole world has finally accept the use of crypto currency and I know that we are surely getting to that point when we will all use crypto for our normal daily transactions
  15. I don't think that you can Link to account together, you can only link one yobit account and one crypto talk account and I think that you should only abide to the rules and regulations of this forum
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