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  1. Crypta is good now, it makes a profit, gives you the opportunity to earn or increase capital, makes it possible to mine, but in the future it is not known that the market will collapse, so you need to use it now to the fullest
  2. Maybe now is a good time to buy altos, but look at the situation differently, the crypto continues to fall in the wake of bitcoin, I think it's worth the wait, and you can buy even the same ethereum
  3. Given the situation and market instability, everything falls in price, the best solution, of course, is to take money and buy gold, it's IMHO, it’s better not to invest in crypto at the moment
  4. To buy and hold Bitcoin, it’s better to wait until it falls, you need to wait for the bottom and then buy, the next time there will be no growth, and taller than sharp, there are no events that would lead Bitcoin to growth
  5. В 2011 году от знакомого, он тогда залипал активно по всяким новшествам, было интересно, да и уже тогда говорили что биткоин даст рост в будущем, но я серьёзно это не воспринимал
  6. I don’t know the games that pay with cryptocurrency, I don’t know full-fledged games, but cs and dota 2 give you the opportunity to earn money in the game through loot boxes and some other things, and then take and buy cryptocurrency there
  7. Of course, gold, in any country, can be quickly converted through a bank to a currency and constantly because of the price increase you make a profit; it’s not quite a currency, but an instrument of payment, as well as the dollar and the euro are the best solution
  8. Fiat has a number of advantages over cryptocurrency, it is quick to convert to any other currency in any country and it doesn’t need the Internet, there are a lot of ATMs and payment systems, but all the fiat funds have to be paid taxes and banks and the government have access to your payment given
  9. You can’t do bitcoin, nowadays it certainly won’t work out any fraud schemes, only if the whole exchange is fake, but at the start when bitcoin got infected and few people knew about it, it was possible to sell other coins passing them off as bitcoin
  10. When it ceases to be relevant, while the cryptocurrency gives me the opportunity to earn money, I will always use it to make profit, as long as it is possible, if it ceases to generate income, I will leave the cryptocurrency
  11. Думаю все же возрост не большую но играет роль, если трейдить нужно продумывать решения, делать все с холодной головой и расчетливо изучать и анализировать графики, в подростковом возрасте как правило "горит" хочу все и сразу, ну и усидчивость нужна, соответственно придётся жертвовать личным временем
  12. I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin and I don’t believe in its “omnipotence”, but thanks to Bitcoin I became a little richer every day, so I like this coin and this system, in general, cryptocurrency makes our life better
  13. In my work, I prefer to pay in the same way with bitcoin or ethereum, but TRX and bnb will go if you consider cryptocurrency, and you can get it in any currency and convert it to the right one
  14. There is always a chance that all coins can disappear and even the top, just such a chance is very, very low, in general, if you consider coins at least the top 30, then they surely will not disappear when
  15. dogs must always be kept. This is a stable income, not passive, of course, you should always keep your finger on the pulse and monitor the course, but three or four peaks per year dogs always give, stably. I personally have dogs since spring 2017 and steadily skim the cream at these peaks, overbid on subsequent drawdowns
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