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  1. Trading Ethereum or Litecoin is profitable because they both support and large currencies, it is difficult to decrease a lot because it will soon rise, but Litecoin may be more profitable than Ethereum because its price is lower and Ethereum is also profitable in the event that it rises but takes time until you win
  2. Indeed, before you enter the field of trading, you must understand how it works, how to analyze and how to trade on the fundamentals of trading in order to profit from trading and losing your money. Trading makes you double your money from Bitcoin faster than any other method.
  3. In order to win from Bitcoin, I am to trade or invest and this depends on you and your goals if you want a quick profit in trading but you must be more understanding trading in order not to lose from it instead of winning and if you do not cancel the best trading you invest and this is a long-term profit
  4. Indeed, the investment at a time when Bitcoin is low in order to profit from it if it increased, or not to win at all, but in order to earn from Bitcoin in the investment, you need to put it in the Antiquities Fund in order to earn a percentage of it from the capital
  5. To succeed and win, you must decide to choose one or one currency, not all of them, because you will not be able to buy all currencies, but the best is bitcoin, which is the origin of trading, if you understand the basics of trading, analysis, and trading assets until you profit from it instead of losing, if you do not understand the best trading for you investment and profit rates. For your money
  6. Actually, this is what I mean, but here is about investing in the investment fund and leaving Aptecoin a long time until it rises and then sells it to win from the world of digital currencies if you want big profits, buy larger quantities and leave it up.
  7. The best profits from the two currencies is that you buy large quantities from them and they are cheap and exchange them. When the price of lithium and lecithin increases, you will have profits and depend on the extent of your understanding of trading in currencies.
  8. Actually trading has risks but less with sufficient knowledge if you understand the basics of trading, when it was followed, how to analyze and when to stop if the price has decreased, and if it follows that the price has gone up, you reduce the vents by a large percentage and the knowledge is converted into success and from what profits from trading
  9. The investment needs a large amount of bitcoin in order to win from it. It needs time not now, because you sold it now, because the price has not risen yet, you must leave it until it rises, and it is originally profitable, whether it rose or not, because you leave it inside the wallet, or if you exchange bitcoin jealously, you must lose in This situation is now because the price is low
  10. I talked about trading and not about investing. HOLDIND Daily trading or free time. This trading is profitable in lecitoin or ethereum or others. But if you understand trading and the basics of trading, you can win.
  11. Trading makes you be a large capital if you start with average capital in a short period, but you must adhere to the rules of trading in order to earn from it and lose better. Trading in profit trading profits are greater than investment profits and also trading profits faster you can
  12. In order to earn from bitcoin, you must buy bitcoin at a low price such days and leave it in its portfolio in order to rise and need a large amount in order to earn profits from it, but it needs a long time or not to lose that you sold it at a low price. However, if you invest it in an investment fund, it will earn a percentage of the capital
  13. Indeed, when you buy bitcoin more at a low price and store it or invest in the investment fund, you have guaranteed profits through the investment that increase if the amount of bitcoin is large and once the value of it increases, the profits rise and this is safe, but it needs a large amount
  14. Ethereum is more profitable than Litecoin because it is the second largest business, as its movement is large, but it is better to buy it now, then after Bitcoin settles, you start trading until you win, but you need large quantities of Ethereum in order to earn big profits from it.
  15. Trading is very profitable and faster than any other field to win bitcoin, but it needs to be understood and learn the basics of trading before you enter this field in order to succeed in it well and analyze and understand the indicators and then profit from it
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