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  1. Doge coins only possible for long term if you need profit and that is not also guarantee that you will have such profitAs for it, it is getting more expensive, this is not expected.
  2. not profitable if you just have small capital the movement of doge coin is so slow a trade-able value, which is true for tons of smaller priced coins, but it relies on popularity because unless they have changed something
  3. exceptionally caution but when ready to be good at seeing the circumstance of the proper opportunity ready to get a benefit they are quick in moving but they are moreover the most excellent coins when it comes to liquidity because with other coins
  4. Doge coin is very profitable in all cases because it does not need large numbers to win from it, so it is a delicious business that you can profit from at any time.
  5. now is not very profitable,for that we have to be really patient waiting for prices to rise and the market to recover.When bitcoin is falling and you don't want to change your crypto not lose the investment unless you invest in other unknown currencies that decrease in value and that the quantity has increased
  6. It is clear that the production consumes a lot of electricity. It takes a lot of knowledge about this. there are a number of ways to earn bitcoin online- some more popular than the others. There are methods that i
  7. Trading needs big money if you want big profits because the platforms will simply not distribute money for free so you must know that
  8. You must specify the work of the two in order to win from them, and most importantly, you have knowledge of driving in order to win and not lose easily.
  9. it is productive as it were for individuals who have a expansive capital and are not influenced on the off chance that they contribute . Expanding the sum of speculation can as it were make the benefits fairly good
  10. if you leave it it will increase bitcoin can easily increase it's price. And this is what we need to taken advantage
  11. he best way for me to earn more money in cryptocurrency. Buying at cheap price then sell it arlt high value will let you have more money.general this is very easy
  12. Even short term trading on bitcoin can bring lots of profit. This depends on whether you can do this or not
  13. It is better to learn to trade and trade any business, whether Ethereum to configure or Dash, the important thing is not to lose and to achieve profits from trading, this depends on you and your goals.
  14. To earn money from Doge Queen you need to be a professional in investing in order to win from him because he is immobile. The father needs time to earn from him.
  15. it is a easy working side many money profit can possible it is a better trading side only need for something trading knowledge i know "bitcoin" is all the best.g is we can buy BTC in lower price and sell in higher price.
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