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  1. Trading is completely risky and no one can estimate the next move. Each capital in circulation has a risk ratio that must be relied upon.
  2. My goal is to make a plan in bitcoin and altcoin trading to train the psychology of good financial management.I think you should set a goal of trading according to the profit you want to achieve in trading.
  3. I think trading bitcoin is very profitable, even if the price drops, don't panic, because the price of bitcoin is still the highest, looking at your trading portfolio with BTC / USDT, I am sure you are very experienced.
  4. Patience is the only major requirement required by traders in the trading world. That is an important point. A lot of people will learn and operate in the market
  5. Thank you so much for the completely consecutive distribution that I suggested joining. Thank you so much for distributing in a completely continuous way that I recommend to join.
  6. How a trader will make money, the dependent who has invested money and the biggest winning education is making $ 50 profit from a $ 20 trade. And the biggest loss is when I lose everything
  7. Bitcoin is not compared to any other cryptocurrency because it is much stronger and safer.According to my prediction, bit coin is the best coin in which a trader earns a lot.
  8. Patience is what can give us a better outcome in everything. The most beneficial alternative for all those affected by the deficit of intensity.
  9. one has to be very aggressive to catch the lowest and highest prices but in fact it's very difficult to do but we have different thoughts when it comes to that, if you know the market works.
  10. long term and different as the firing time is the time in the btc and the other in the time I think last year, holding was a loss for most cryptocurrencies.
  11. Yobit Investbox is somehow a good source of the number of additional cryptocurrencies Investbox has for users to keep their balance on yobit in the long run because yobit pays users.
  12. Bullish method of creature crawling, who always needs him to join him from the top down to understand the trend must be known first to understand the first stage and understand its characteristics.
  13. Almost all altcoins have the right price to buy. To my knowledge, you should think of bitcoin before NEO and ICON as good currencies and hold a good position in the market. But I'm sure a promising money
  14. These are very important skills needed to trade to be a trader you need to know how the market works, what models are available and what should be avoided.
  15. The contingency plan must be owned by the trader, because any plan is no longer absolutely everyone can definitely use a plan.
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