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DeXe Network Basic Tools

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Almost, every blockchain, has its own native token. It is created, first of all, for safety, not only.

For a trader, an investor in cryptocurrency, decentralization is important.


Also, on the DeXe Network, there is a DAO, where everyone can vote on who has DEXE, in custody.

As many people know, DAO is built on public blockchains, has an open source code and is completely transparent structure.

By giving each member of the community, a say in how the protocol operates, DAOs democratize the organizational decision-making process, unlike publicly traded companies.

DAOs are becoming popular like DeFi.

DeXe Network provides an opportunity in this sector.

I would like to highlight the main features of the DeXe Network:


- DeXe Network Collaborates With DAO Maker To Accelerate Defi Social Trading Adoption
- NEM Integrates DeXe Network Asset Management, Into Ecosystem
- Integration with STAFI.IO brings new opportunities for trading tokens
- DeXe Investment is very important news, don't miss it!
- DeXe partnership, with Venus
- DeXe's integrates Kattana




About DeXe

Dexe.Network is a decentralized social trading platform that runs through offline smart contracts and includes tools for currency distribution and regular rebalancing. This eliminates the risks of transferring data across wallets, such as private keys and APIs or any data, that has natural currency, negligible risks. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders and followers, in a transparent and actionable way, for the well being of the group.


Website | Telegram channel | Telegram chat | Facebook | Medium | LinkedIn | Twitter | Reddit | Discord

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