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  1. That's true to see a success and the good earning you have to do analyse just like the trading there you need to establish a plan and a strategy to follow via it your decision
  2. What did you mentioned on your topic called the fundamental analyse witch come before choosing a coin or a pair to trade, by visiting their official website contact the support team, see the volume and quantity on the market, so do your own analyse it's better than taking lie signals
  3. You are right w when saying that we have not to demand and bag to have reputations, believe me in my case i have never demand it from some members, now i have 120 good repititions witch i have never ask for it
  4. Nice tips to offer about to make our posts hot, but its not matter how to make it hot as long as the post will helps members to rich Their knowledge and help them to resolve their issues on the cryptocurncies world
  5. A news like that for sure they will be have a positive effect on the development of cryptocurencies like the effect of adopting bitcoin and blockchain technology on some companies and communities and even countries like it did now Canada
  6. Really i didn't understand the way to collect coins from the group, can you give lore details about the method of earning, because the idea of working on team work is good
  7. Its possible to find a site of cloud mining witch even give more than 10% per day but the problem is there us no such legit site they are all fake and scam and the best one to do the cloud mining until now is genisismining only, visit their site and see witch plan will helps you
  8. You are right in your wondering but the best way to earn from the bitcoin i think is to divide your asset of bitcoin between holding and trading, keep some amount on holding for a long time and the rest trade with it in sell and buy
  9. Because mist of them are just hearing news from non experienced people and they are not patient at all and They are fearing to loose their coin, to have good earning from holding we have in the first to trace a good purposes and plan
  10. To continue this performance you should continue working well and try to create a maximum number of useful topics and comments by helping other members on their issues, and congrats for your number of reputations
  11. If course the yobit site is from the best exchange sites where you have many options for earning as investbox yopony refferals dice the low fees exchange on the trading just 0.2% and of course the best thing ever us the payment from the fotum campaign
  12. Do you lean in holding this coins in yobit the investbox option or they will gives you automatically this interest ? And is the same thing on Binance if a hold this specific coins will i earn Without doing no thing ?
  13. If some one of us die and let his earning money unknown, the wallet will be considerate as a lost or sleepy crypt with the lost wallet that are so many in nowadays
  14. But dear friend don't forget that we are thousands of active members here, imagine if they pay only 5000 members it will be 10000 usd per day, so for the moment any one know where they bring the money but for sure they are investing and they are earning from it
  15. The best amount you can earn is from the trading especially the on the forex market, once i have earn in one minute and without any risk 13 dollars its a small money but for me its was a big money to earn in the debut of ly career
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