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  1. Чет стремно вкладывать, учитывая все предыдущие проекты йобита, но выглядит пока прекрасно. Только думаю немного вкинуть на минимальный майнер 0.03, чувствую пока думаю - цена уже перевалила за 200 баксов ))) Была по курсу -100
  2. For some reason, to everyone else it seems like a bad coin ... The price falls without any ups.
  3. This is by chance not the same browser developed on the basis of Chromium, which does not allow to withdraw coins, but only pay coupons in online stores?
  4. I find ENT buying a bad idea. This is a very bad project that will not be able to take its place in the rating or even more so that the price for it would rise.
  5. It seems you are talking about airdrop. In this case, everything happens as you described if you are the holder of a coin, you are credited even more.
  6. At least bitcoin is the first and main cryptocurrency, its mining is the most powerful, the network is the most secure. Everyone else grew up on his already successful career. Most likely there will be no competitors
  7. If you look at the previous scalping of Bitcoin and the chart associated with this date, then it rose 365 days after scalping. You can rely on this fact and think out 2020 with our heads)
  8. Of the two that you listed, I would choose the third option - it doesn’t make you wait 20 hours at the computer 😂 And as for mobile mining, it's just shit that kills the mobile battery!
  9. In addition to the exchange, I noticed that they give 5 times a day. And the exchange can be mutual, I personally had an exchange of 2 times, but it was on the topic.
  10. Как так вышло, что ты не знал что у каждой крипты есть свои кошельки core? Кошельков нет только на гавномонеты, а на монеты со своим блокчейном обязательно + еще кошель поддерживает сеть.
  11. No, there is no such coin and never will be. Even if someone releases their blockchain, buys their own coins for 10,000 btc and then distributes them with an airdrop, as a result, all again will not be holders, but will withdraw it to fiat)
  12. This is of course super, it’s just that the person was accused of being the creator of Bitcoin and he eventually got 2000BTC to me like that) And who else thinks that the creator of Bitcoin McAfee?
  13. Yes, it’s a pity, but I personally 4 years ago did not believe in bitcoin, and probably because few people used it and it only gained popularity.
  14. Has airdrop already ended? Is it impossible to get a coin anymore? What coin was the airdrop on? А что airdrop уже закончился? Получить монету невозможно больше? На какую монету хоть был airdrop?
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