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  1. Well, really faucets do pay or most of them pay, but the problem is that they pay very low portions and that is why it is not for everyone. You should spend a lot of time if you want to get some profit.
  2. If you are new you must make at least 50 post and after the number 51 that you make, the system will start crediting the payments. However, sometimes it takes longer to get accredited. You must have patience. Anyway, if you reach that figure and you have not been paid, try to contact an administrator.
  3. Thank you very much for the information. I use Faucethub quite a bit and I think I have something in my wallet. I will check to remove them. Anyway I will also review all the news and the reason for that decision. Good luck!
  4. Well, they haven't paid me more. I still publish because I liked the dynamics of the forum, but I have not received the earnings that correspond to me for each post. However, it is good to know the reasons why payments in the forum are not being credited. I hope it can be resolved soon.
  5. wow! I could not tell you. Although it would be incredible gains, what I can recommend is not to continue betting because the system will make you lose all that. I don't think Yobit will block your account or something like that although I might send you a notice.
  6. Silvinator

    Why Panic

    It is true. There are people who, in order to avoid these losses, decided to invest in some companies or platforms that would allow them to make a profit in a passive way, however, it is also risky to invest like this because many times those companies close and everyone is left without their money
  7. Although in this world of cryptocurrencies everything is possible and the market is very volatile, I believe that bitcoin will not go down to 5K for the rest of the year ... It is also presumed that for the next year it will continue to rise. Let's hope it is like that.
  8. I think that putting copy and paste into practice is not a good idea. I think the forum rules do not allow it. They also do a lot of damage to the forum because in the end they don't bring anything good to the new members and it really can become a problem for me later.
  9. Silvinator

    Why Panic

    It is true. Many people lost money at that time and for that reason there was also distrust in the market to continue investing. Anyway, there are many people who continued to invest and took advantage of the lower price to buy lower.
  10. You are very right. It is good to use betting portals that are already verified by the community and that already have a good time in the market. In my case I use CloudBet, 1xbit and William Hill and it has been excellent, but you must compare them so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  11. Thank you very much for your cooperation. It is good for those who do not have so much capital to start and that way they can practice their operations and gain much experience that will be necessary later.
  12. Excellent idea for those who from Turkey. It is a matter that they let the administrators know and that they make a decision. Or have a survey done to see if that option is feasible. In any case, you should continue promoting the forum in your country so that the Turkish community increases in the forum.
  13. What happens is that many governments disagree that an option other than local currencies appears and that allows citizens to save on them. But late or soon the thing will change and surely many countries will accept cryptocurrencies.
  14. I have not really used that browser, but I have seen that there are people who make money through it. You can go through YouTube to review several tutorials on how to use it so you can generate some monthly income. In my country there are quite a few colleagues who work with him, he also says that he is a good browser.
  15. It's like that, mate. We must diversify our investments, but it is always good to have control over them. Many investments at the same time can be dangerous because we can neglect and not react in time when there is some variation in the market.
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