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  1. Cloud mining is the most economical option for those who want to enter into that type of investment, but it is usually slower to recover the investment and generate good amounts of profits.
  2. Well coinbase is one of the known and reliable and now that they have taken out the free coin section people are using it for that. In this moment I use Jaxx Liberty and it is quite easy to use and very complete. I can also recommend Trusted Wallet.
  3. Blockchain was a wallet that I used quite a lot at the beginning and it served me a lot. Then they updated it and I liked it more but in the end I left it for Jaxx. But I can still recommend it because it is one of the best known
  4. Well it is high in terms of Bitcoin, but really the other currencies the commissions are not that high. As is the case with Litecoin faith that the withdrawal fees in yobit are below one dollar and for this reason it is what I use.
  5. Well I used 3 coins in the Yobit investbox. With Liza it was not very good because I went a little late but then I was at Doge and Micro and there I started to have very good results and until now I stay.
  6. Good for people who are starting without a doubt one of the best is Binance. It is very reliable for the time they have active and also has always been one of the best works and when they have had problems they have been very serious with that ..
  7. For me at this time the BTC has been very good for me because I live from this. But it was all a slow process because at the beginning I lost money for not knowing what to invest in. Then I entered the tradinh supported by a family member who helped me understand it and it has been a long time and now generates a good amount of money.
  8. Well, for the moment, several centralized currencies that are managed by governments still maintain their high level of acceptance, but perhaps in the future that changes when there are cryptocurrencies continue to advance in the world market.
  9. At this time cryptocurrencies are my main source of income at this time. I do trading and I also use what I earn here in the forum to reinvest it in Yobit and it has really given me good results. If the market is maintained I can continue to improve my earnings
  10. There are many ways but the main one is to avoid opening emails from strangers because the truth is that they look for ways to access the links to steal your data. This also happens with telegram too.
  11. I currently live from cryptocurrencies but it was a slow precess. Once I entered I began to generate good income but they were not enough to live on that, however I remained focused until today that I already generate more than the minimum wage in my country.
  12. That depends a lot on the type of cryptocurrencies ... For example, in the case of BTC, confirmations are slower than other cryptocurrencies. For example, Eth is usually faster, litecoin and dogecoin are even faster. But it is not something that bothers me because they are faster than international bank transactions.
  13. Well we can talk about 2020 as such and there are undoubtedly several currencies that have been rising considerably. One of them is Ripple and Dashcoin that have had an incredibly high price. But ETH will always have great long-term potential.
  14. Well, I think that the main function of this forum is to help each other with quality content ... We must also try to set the way to improve our profits to try to continue growing in this market.
  15. Well it's a way of investing too. I did it but not as often. I prefer to have a long-term percentage and the other part I use to do daily trading. This way I think I get better profits.
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