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  1. It does not have risks, but you must abide by the rules so that you are not given warning points, then your account will be banned. As for safety, do not worry.
  2. If you want to protect your account or your wallet from fraudsters, you should not give anyone your account password and not give one of your wallet keys, and do not enter any unknown link or from someone you do not know even if it lures you with a profit.
  3. You are not gaining anything, in the past we used to gain by giving a positive reputation 1 talk, but recently, the one who received a positive reputation wins for the post 1000 satoshi.
  4. I think that the Cryptotalk forum is the best and I think it will become the first in the world among the forums that talk about cryptocurrencies.It contains many sections and you can rely on it to learn and gain knowledge in addition to earning money that you start working with after learning.
  5. I think that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the strong currencies that I would recommend buying because their project is very strong and continuous and will not stop, it is possible that they will decline due to the correction, but then they will rise again.
  6. You earn for 20 posts per day, for every post 10 of the talk currency, and any of these 20 posts gets a positive reputation and you win 1000 satoshi. The profits come to your balance on the yobit platform and you then withdraw to your bank account.
  7. You must not despair, you must be patient and strive harder. If you write a useful post about cryptocurrencies and people benefit from it, they will give you a positive reputation for sure. But you must continue to publish and not stop until you reach your goal.
  8. Thank you for the advice, but I am sorry that it is your fault that you enter links from people you do not know and are untrusted. I advise everyone not to click on any link that they do not know its source because there are many fraudsters in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  9. I advise you not to publish your referral link in all sections because it may be subject to deletion and then take warning points and then ban your account. The forum administration has created a referral section for you to publish in it. But make sure the credibility of the site that you want people to subscribe to through your referral.
  10. I think that yobit is one of the most popular exchange platforms in the crypto world, because it is reliable, secure, and easy to work with and has high liquidity, and the best feature is the large number of currencies in it.
  11. Yes, when I explained the subject to my friend, he did not care because he thought that all cryptocurrencies were a fraud and a lie, but when I started to profit and withdraw in front of him, he started researching a topic and he became a professional trader later.
  12. Correct, I think here you will earn money as soon as you adhere to the rules. Your post is not less than 100 characters. It is useful and about cryptocurrencies. I recommend that the main goal of this forum is to learn and gain knowledge, not to collect money.
  13. To obtain knowledge and information, you must read the publications of the experts present here. As for the work here, you must write posts of no less than 100 characters and be meaningful and useful and about cryptocurrencies.
  14. Yes, there is a limit to posting posts per day, which is 50 posts. You win for 20 posts٫ per post you win 10 talk coins, and any posts that have a positive reputation that you win 1000 satoshi with.
  15. I think that choosing the appropriate section depends on the topic you want to publish. If you are a beginner, you publish in the for beginners section. If you want to publish something related to exchange, you publish it in the Exchanges section. If you want to publish something about trading and the basics of analysis, you publish in the Crypto World section .... .etc
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