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  1. I never believed in cryptocurrency since it's existence in the year back. I never even think for once to mine in it talkless of thinking to pertake in it's trading or investment. I accept the fact that you are lucky not to involve in Cryptocurrency before it's fall in some years back but nevertheless I think it's not everyone that has been engaging in cryptocurrency since the year it was introduced that will be considered unlucky.
  2. Yea. You are right mate and i also agree with your point of views on this topic concerning the regulation movement of crypto recently that has been denying crypto it's true meaning. Imposing taxes on crypto by the Argentine government is like making cryptocurrency not meaningful to it's users in the country.
  3. Yes of course mate. You are absolutely right my friend because the rise in cryptocurrency price is where the profit lies for all cryptocurrency traders and investors and for all members earning Bitcoin in this forum, it's an added advantage to earn more double of the payment we are receiving here.
  4. Absolutely there are many wallets to save one's cryptocoins which is now difficult for someone to identify the better one to choose. If i should decide for you, I will advise you to go with Binance. Binance is the best wallet for me to save your coin which also has many features that you can use your coins to make several transactions.
  5. I totally agree with you mate because there has been many cryptocurrency projects which dosent last in Cryptocurrency industry and that also got me too wondering didn't they have a clear picture before coming up with a project that later ends up to be a scam to people. However, i advice we members to know the kind of projects we will be participating in.
  6. I also wish more countries can still adopt cryptocurrency and i believe that will contribute to cryptocurrency to be more developed all over the country to have a better future to consider it as the money for future. It will also contribute to the more demand of the coins and enhance more profit to cryptocurrency traders and investors.
  7. I only traded with my Bitcoin in my wallets and haven't buy anything before with Bitcoin because there are no online stores in my locality that accept Cryptocurrency for payment. I just there could be online stores or companies that accept cryptocurrency as payment.
  8. Definitely yes. I believe if the price of Cryptocurrency goes to that level, the price of dollar witl definitely fall because there will be increase in demand of Bitcoin and i think this is why most countries government has always been against the use of cryptocurrency.
  9. This is my first time of hearing that before Bitcoin is finalized that it will get to the recipient that it will have to be confirmed six times. What i have just been thinking is that there are many people involving in Bitcoin transaction every minutes that makes the confirmation process to be slow.
  10. I haven't been opportuned to use the crypto credit card before to share the experience on how it was. I am just imagining right now the function of such card thinking of how comfortable the card will be for one to make Cryptocurrency transactions.
  11. I can choose cryptocurrency as a full time job and at the same time cannot choose it as a full time job depending on the situation i found myself. Being an employed person, there is no reason for me to quit my job to take cryptocurrency as full time job and being an unemployed person can give me guarantee to take cryptocurrency as full time job.
  12. This depends on the intention of those who started the project as some of them may have a good intention but later turn out to be scam to people when they failed to achieve their aim on the project but most people that started most crypto projects never had a good intention but to scam people.
  13. This is a good strategy of having an investment on Bitcoin. I think i will put 15% of my earnings on Bitcoin if i was to adopt this system of saving money in Bitcoin. I think adopting this system gives one the chance to earn more profit on the saved Bitcoin in the future.
  14. You don't need any experience again to start working in this forum since you claim have read the forum rules and regulations of the forum. All i expect you to be looking for experience on is how you could apply your trading knowledge gotten in this forum to have trading experience. Wish you best of luck dude.
  15. I won't blame you for asking for advice from the senior members in this forum but the best idea you can get from the senior members in this relating it to what you are looking for ideas on has been created in topics in the past and this will make me advice you to just be patient and learn from the old topics in this forum.
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