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  1. There's a huge difference between total number of topics and total number of posts because most members are only interested in posting and making comments and are not concerned about creating topics. Although there's no such rule as create a topic before you must comment on other topics but if there is I think it will make the number balance and even.
  2. Margin trading I believe has two good features. First it is very profitable and very very risky in high volatile markets. It's trade can enable earn a huge profit and also comes with a much higher risk in return. It's a 50-50 trade.
  3. I've made use of these amazing feature. It's very helpful and comes in handy. Sometimes I finish commenting on a post before three minutes elaps and few to the timer set I don't submit till it rings.
  4. Yes indeed key points matters and not some meaningless bulky note. But on the other hand I think explaining further isn't a bad idea because if you make mention of only the key points it won't reach up to 100 words and that means you are violating forum rules.
  5. You can share it on different sites in order to get free cryptocurrency which doesn't even show in your account. To me it is worthless and a waste of time.
  6. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I don't know about others but I've learned alot from it. It is really helpful and Ill look for more with the name of Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Thank you.
  7. Seeing is believing. So I'll suggest you show your family and friends how the forum works and the proof of your payment. Make them see the advantages of the forum and it's benefits.
  8. I do agree with you mate. It can happen to those who are experienced in the digital world and have earned alot from it. They will find it stressful to out and work in offices when they can sit in the comfort of their homes and earn alot within weeks.
  9. Yeah i do find the search feature very useful especially interms of finding a member and didn't know I could also use it to search for a topic. Thank for sharing.
  10. This is true, the more our knowledge and experience increases the more we get exposed to new and good possibilities and opportunities in any field of digital currency. Knowledge is key to success.
  11. No, I don't think cryptocurrencies will replace national currencies because it is not widely accepted and some understand develop countries do not have the strength and money to invest in them. Cryptocurrencies no doubt will survive.
  12. I believe in this trying times and difficult situation no one can predict bitcoin prices, because all the prices of coins are increasing and decreasing day by day. We only follow the prices in the market after it's analysis.
  13. This information you have shared with us is very helpful and informative. I've learnt some commonly used terms from it although I already know some but I've added to what I know. Thank you for sharing this.
  14. No I have never tried any survey before but I know those who are actually doing this survey and also benefiting from it. You try livepanel or dentavox their survey is quiet good.
  15. There are tons of different softwares and websites that you will use to do your work. All you have to do is simply Google it and many options and resources will be given to you.
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