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  1. As a beginner one should stick to the rules provided by them. Also write comments for the topic they give you and make sure that what you have written is useful for others too.
  2. crypto talk is doing a great job. Actually they are helping me to earn some money. As a student time spending here is worth it. I really appreciate crypto-talk.
  3. Crypto talk is best because for me it is the best way in which we can earn some money. Rather than money it gives us more and more new informations.
  4. If you make your part right, if you obey the rules i think there is nothing to worry about cause there is no risk.But there are chances where you will get warnings or maybe banned because of your own mistakes.
  5. Till now crypto-talk is the best option to earn some pocket money for me which helps to fulfil my daily needs. Also through this platform other than money we can acquire some knowledge too.
  6. Crypto-talk is not at all heavy. It is easy as it looks in which we can earn some money by doing simple tasks. Instead it is a platform where we can relax and do our tasks.
  7. As a beginner i didn’t know that we could make friends over here. But know i am aware of that and i think having friends here will help is to spent more time in this platform but the main thing is we should not share our private details.
  8. Hi guys! I came to know about crypto in this year. It is my new beginning here and i am really excited to work in this wonderful platform.
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