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  1. E- currency means electronics currency. In present day, a lot of people trade and invest and also do shopping via e-commerce. And the currency that is used to pay the the bills of that online shoppings and purchases is called e currency.
  2. I had no idea about the website. But now I can actually under stand that the website is also quite legit. But I will not try this website now. I will maybe use it later
  3. Of course without any doubt . Blockchain is a kind of wallet. It also stores the currency and help them to transfer or trade in many companies. This wallet is quite useful for everyone.
  4. Of course. This is a matter of fact that bitcoin has a popular craze in people. That's why all the companies also see that improvements and using bitcoins as their medium of trading and payments.
  5. I actually spend a quite lot of time here. But it's not precise actually. But I would like to be more specific about my time. I spend time how much it needs to comment 34 or 35 posts a day actually.
  6. My main choices in Crypto world is to invest in cryptocurrencies. I feel very happy when I get a better price by my trading. This actually makes me also profitable. So I like this side of crypto world very much.
  7. I actually learned about Crypto currencies via one of of my friends. But I am very happy to learn about this app. I feel so blessed . I am happy because I can earn by this easily.
  8. But actually I think both are equally valuable. But btg transaction or investments sometimes gets very confusing and also can face a great loss. So I prefer bitcoins.
  9. The newcomers always do some silly mistakes. But it should be learned as quick as possible by them . By doing everything according to the rules. They can actually become an asset.
  10. Yes. Everyone has a right to do that. But it won't be as valueable as Bitcoins. That's for sure. Maybe they can invest it only in their trading system. But it is good hear about something new.
  11. Actually the increase of price is quite very impossible for the investors. They invest and trade in Crypto markets so this is important for them. The price of Crypto always goes ups and downs.
  12. I don't know about deleting a account. But I don't think anyone with a stable mind will ever want to leave the platform. No one leaves the best forums. And this is a best forum.
  13. Of course. Crypto world is like a sea. A sea has no limit of deepness. But the crypto world is spreading like it. Soon it will be as big as a sea. Ao let's see.
  14. To invest in trade market at first you need to learn about trading and acknowledge your idea of trading and exchange in definite currencies. By this you can easily trade in Crypto world.
  15. This post is very helpful for all the beginners. They can easily look upon the rules and make up their minds about what to do and what not to do. Useful posts are very important in this topic actually.
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