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  1. That will be wonderful if I finally get that much from this site. I think I will buy a new gadget for faster internet access. The rest I save in crypto currency (in exchange) for future needs.
  2. It depends. If you need it for transferring or faucet, ptc, games, campaign, no longer time (a month or less) is needed. But for investing or trading, it may take longer cause you may get some detail for profit.
  3. I don't think it I don't think bitcoin can replace real money. Until now people around the world still use real money and only a few for bitcoin. In my opinion, the possible thing is using both. But it needs process I don't know when it will be.
  4. That's very important information. You are right. Some people become victims while they are using telegram. I haven't been a victim but other people in the same city experienced it. We should be careful while using telegram. Always keep our paassword or another valuable data of ours well.
  5. That's a good idea. We can learn much from senior. They have known a lot on crypto currencies and can share it with us. They have registered earlier, master any topics here and may have earned much here.
  6. How lucky you are. You finally find earnings from bitcoin after working hard for some time. It seems that faucet, mining, and this site make you exist in crypto world and have income. I also try to do the same but don't do mining. I am sure by being active here, learning much, will lead to get much earning.
  7. You are ln the right place here. Just complete 100 posts first. Besides, learn any posts in many sections in this forum. There are a lot of interesting topics to learn here. You will enjoy staying here. Good luck.
  8. Yes, faucets takes longer time to earn. It wastes the time. You can stop collecting faucets or keep doing it while also doing another way, like games, bounty, airdrop and of course, cryptoatalk.
  9. If what you mean is free bitcoin or as profit from any activity of earning, it will take more than ten years. It depends on many things : price of bitcoin, how much you earn per year and how much you keep from your monthly profit.
  10. That''s a good tip. We work hard here to earn. Since fee to withdraw is high for a coin, converting to other coins is a good idea, so we still have good profit with lower withdrawal fee. I am used to doing that it while doing withdrawal in other site, to dogecoin, for example.
  11. The answer is do many things making other members like every post you make. Just write posts with valuable content on crypto. Simple, easy to understand, valuable, helpful and attracting.
  12. Before, earning by making as many posts is my goal. Later I find that this site has many useful knowledge and tips on crypto currency. So this forum is like a teacher giving me lesson on crypto and how to earn from it.
  13. In my opinion, the most possible reason is using many accounts in a device or an IP address. It is prohibited here. They also may write useless posts against the rule and do spamming. It is also somehing that we must avoid.
  14. There are many ways to earn free bitcoin without investment. It can be faucet or ptc. Both of them are free, so you can get bitcoin freely. But it takes long time to reach minimum to withdraw. The reward you get from both is not big. The other way is games, bounty program and airdrop. The reward is bigger. Just choose the way which suits you and good luck.
  15. I join this site to earn at first. Later I found that this site is very informative and educating. Then I often stay here for hours just to learn any info on crypto, which is always updated. Making post and learning becomes something can't be separated.
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