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  1. following three things are most important such as my ambition my determination and trust myself in every metter so adviced people about these things which wre very important.then that person should have patience and most of all is grit for bigger income.
  2. Starting all over is really frustrating that's why we should always put in mind the consequences of our immediate actions. We must think it through for us not to go against the rules.But I think if we do wrong then it is ok to get punishment.
  3. If you know social media is one of my favorute hobby but i will choose Crypto Talk because sharing memes in social media can't help me learn at lot of knowledge but here in crypto talk you can earn money here and also you can learn here good luck my friends.Other social media are good for the promotion of crytotalk in my opinion.
  4. will inform you later if you know. 3USD Worth Litecoiin from Joining And 3$ Worth Litecoin For Refer. But for that complete bonus you need to complete task like trying and KYC. In the future i will learn about it.
  5. advantage of cryptocurrency in payment systems.payments are regulated by blockchain, an advanced database that stores, displays, protects, and transfers money. it's true that by working at Crypto we are not regulated by anyone, that's why people prefer it here.
  6. If you are good enough in the cryptocurrency world, then why not. It is very good that you decided to invest in a promising currency.Because bike is your personal things which is used to travel.
  7. its very income site for you and deletion of your account permanently.i dint want to delete and my account because it's a great platform and i very earn.You can resolve this by just contact the admin or support team.
  8. Its amazing. I earn money for free now thats why i joined the cryptotalk. I spend my free time for facebook. Whatsapp. But now i am spending here and earning money. Love crypto talk. Some good informative forum tags, which I love is the one on trading.
  9. Hello my friendUID is like an identification code for your account or a number for your account on the platform. It is obtained when you register or create an account on the Yobit platform.So that we can now connect our account and to start receiving payment.
  10. It is very necessary to follow the guidelines of the cryptotalk or any forum if you will not follow the guideline your account will be banned or post.the rules of this forum and then only this try to poster comment otherwise it will be harmful for them. I think it's a mandatory to follow forum rules, every group have a guidelines in the pin post, so we have to read the every group of rules, so that we not get any warning point.otherwise restriction will be applied by the moderators.
  11. Yes just because there are many new members who don't know what to say and also they don't have perfect knowledge about it, so it would be rather good if the the old members start making post for them.I think they have very strong knowledge that we can not hold right now. Learn the rules here,
  12. yes this is a must for every New contributors becoming a member of this forum. in case you follow up with all the suggestions of the discussion board then it'll be useful for them. And they need good guides because they can understand everything in their honey.
  13. Since I am a newbie I don't really have any idea about a competition held here but if there is such thing maybe someone can the information with us .I hope crypto talk launches other programs soon.
  14. The price of bitcoin is going high, Bitcoin is a valuabal currency, it is a digital currency. Its price is increasing day by day and will increased more in future, and everyone wants it. your company's website for the list of people who have to go back and forth on this one I will send .
  15. I am suggesting cryptotalk to all my friends. I think it's all about trust..and as showing proof i show some payment proofs because this is the important thing, they are not going to believe me if we showed them some virtual money, than he/ she believed it.If you can make them understand,they will surely join you.
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