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  1. old members or seniors also know much more about that rules and regulations for this forum, but specially newbies have to know that don't copy paste the comments of others and don't post again and don't do a comments that are non constructive and research on google for crypto how is this forum working
  2. The state of the ban, preceded by 4 warnings, and the supervisor gives you the reason for the warning, the fifth warning means the account is banned for 180 days.If a member is not able to learn the rules and apply them through 4 warnings
  3. Cryptotalk is all about cryptocurrency which provides all necessary information about cryptocurrency. And we all know that cryptocurrency like bitcoin has very bright future and impact it can also exchange paper currency too
  4. The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one and as such, even the unexpected can happen. Predictions by professionals are only accurate to a certain degree, thus, invest wisely. One way to go, is to focus on long term investments instead of capitalizing on the short run
  5. you can withdraw your money from it in one of the remaining types of coins. Upon completion of the withdrawal process, you can sell currencies to certain locations or people where they will take them and send a Paypal balance
  6. Tokens are basically the ones who make tokens in the cryptocurrency world, who trade coins in their token genre market.Suppose you have some tokens now you want to sell these tokens then you have to go to the exchange market where you can sell these tokens
  7. go yobit exchange left side their add shows when click the option you redirected the yobit official telegram channel join the channel their you see yobit exchange bot name fastexrobot their you do small task and collect your yodollars
  8. many people use it as alternative income and payment, that's the point. They use everything possibility to raise the higher profit use bitcoin. Developer, exchanges, buyer, seller and government take part to develop bitcoin depend their ability and function
  9. Yobit is a superb change internet site for you to buy and sell. It is easy to employ. XRP can be very good currency exchange for you to buy and sell throughout minimal bugged. Many people feel Litecoin is usually very good currency exchange for you to exchanging
  10. A Crypto Miner was caught few years ago after mining for 4 years in small hut , not because of cyber security but too much electricity consumption , same goes for Bangladesh all you have to be careful from such things while mining
  11. newbiesare trying to earn money, so they post and they get money from their posting, Some may decide to try dice game, without reading about it, and maybe they loose, so they can read the strategy here, and then go to play
  12. I have recently attempted now and it is working I simply sent 25,000 satoshis and its something to be glad about , thank you Crypto talk, you remained consistent with your promise and may God favor you and I realize individuals will hop to get their installment
  13. I think anyone as a new member here or everywhere are very curious to know everything and that's why everyone as a new member stay a long time in here. But when they get old in here they don't need to more active, they just fulfil their daily requirement for this forum and then leav
  14. If you want to follow us about cryptocurrency, here are the posts and comments we received. From here, if we have any problems then follow through the post so we can get our followings. If you want to follow us about cryptocurrency, here are the posts and comments we received. From here, if we have any problems then follow through the post
  15. myfriend told me about this site and he is have a earnings yet here and i think this site is so useful to the users and people using this site and i recommend this opportunity to other to try free easy way of earning and definitely this is not a waste of time
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