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  1. Good morning, You can make useful post daily and get bitcoin in your Yobit account but for the very first time you have to make 100 posts for start earning. You just make 30 post in a day and get 0.0003 bitcoin daily. Thank you.
  2. Good morning, I believe at that time the funds for the campaign was empty, that was why you cannot or anyone cannot send any balance. But after a few hours waiting, you can send them just like before. Thank you for listening.
  3. Good morning, Its really appreciating that you have achieved this rank now you can enjoy your opinion being held a solid point. I only reached 320 posts and i find it really tiresome but i will keep working here . Thank you for listening.
  4. Good morning, it will clearly help individuals who are new to commercial trading companies, and I would also like to add that no longer need to be over the 30 simple yet other underestimated cash can also help you to Earn revenue. Thank you.
  5. Good morning, r. I used to buy some small currencies with very little trading volume. Unfortunately, the price of the currency drops a lot and enters the stage of death and may be deleted from the platforms as well, so I lost my money. Thank you.
  6. Good morning, I think if you are replying to much in just one topic, I think it's not allowed because it might detect that you are spamming, I am not really sure about this. Also it's good that they are both counted. Thank you for listening.
  7. Good evening, there is a huge problem when it comes to other things line knowing exactly where to invest and when to invest but its important you know how technical analysis works for bitcoin that helps a lot, dont get in all of it. Thank you for listening.
  8. Good evening, I suggest that use a digital wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies more efficient and secure. You can exchange and trade cryptocurrency in Yobit and try to invest if you want to earn more, and use your money wisely. Thank you for listening.
  9. Good evening, . The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one and as such, even the unexpected can happen. Predictions by professionals are only accurate to a certain degree, thus, invest wisely. Thank you for listening.
  10. Good evening, i think this is not happens what you are talking but there should be a different problem with you or your browser, wait the problem will be solved it is not a big issue. Thank you for listening.
  11. Good evening, I think any thing on the internet is exposed to scammers and hackers, so yes of course there are many chance to lost Yobit balance. But all depend you if you make a strong password . Thank you for listening.
  12. Good evening, The movement of such cryptocurrencies in the market, the predicted price for the next months and events that you could join to earn more cryptos such as Bounties ans Airdrops. Thank you for listening.
  13. Good evening, You can easily create Yobit account. If you are crypto talk user then must be create yobit exchange account with same mail which is use for crypto talk account. In my opinion Yobit exchange is good exchange. Thank you for listening.
  14. Good evening, They basic must execute a few skilled investigation and revise certain tecnical laboratory analysis or essential psychoanalysis how to recovered be au fait with the technique markets act in response . Thank you for listening.
  15. Good evening, If one device have two crypto talk account it Will be problem because every crypto talk account needs different gmail account so one device can not have two gmail account together. Thank you for listening.
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