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  1. My hope is crypto will be long stay at least 2020. So that i will earn money and will gain many knowledge.. Its really very helpful specially for students. Im also a students so i wish that
  2. In present theft is increasing day by day..we should be carefully work. Hackers can use it to find your email, username and password. So its information should be store strongly.
  3. I like crypto in 100%..i use this forum everyday for posting so I can earn. Also this forum helps me to practice using english. I use my earnings here in this forum to support my needs and wants.
  4. Yes i agree with you. Here many members repeat same question. Please for those who ask for the same question they should be aware for repeating same question.
  5. I was also face this problem but dont understand why this happen?
  6. we dont know when the campaign ends.we all want this program stay long because the campaign in this forum has provided us with an opportunity to earn a living.its future is bright.
  7. In my country, there are stil many people who do not know what crypto use so the government must improve human resources first.and the conditions may include GDP growth potential, the unemployment rate, inflation, and fiscal and monetary policy.
  8. Yes you can reach bitcoin 1 million dollars in ten years..because bitcoin goes up and down and even a one million can reach two be hard working by patiencely.
  9. Crypto is popular for its high earning chances. Because it's easy to earn money from crypto than to is providing the opportunity for the unemployed to have some reasonable thing to do online and make free money.
  10. Crypto is the best outsourcing web. There are many advantage is digital online platfrom. We can easily earn from this site everyday.. And also we get a good knowledge..
  11. Frastraction is a very common in crypto trading. Frustration are to those who want to earn big but don't want to invest and take the risk..One must not lose hope here easily. Because anything can happen here at anytime.
  12. I also think that in this year crypto goes public..NOW many people use this forum easily. And by this forum this people can also earn crypto currency. That's why its public i think.
  13. If you invested in any coin you should always check price in coin markets. Checking only once per day is very dangerous because some coins may go down severely even after 12 hours.
  14. Patience and hard working are the key to success. We should do hard work by pateincely so that we will be able to earn more money from cryptotalk and obey rule of cryptotalk.
  15. I just starting work and earning money recently so i have not made coin here till now. But I am most focusing in learning more about crypto currency. It is the best provided source of income.
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