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  1. Actually that's not a huge amount of bitcoin for legendary bitcoin holders. Bitcoin Binance cold wallet have a huge store of bitcoin. it is very secured that's why it can't be stolen. The bitcoin cold wallet security is very tough because their is lots of people are saving their money.
  2. I think every people have great journey they like very much this platform.Cryptotalk is very easy and good income source, Everyone is very happy use it. I think Others remains busy so the work here for a few period of time. But they might be also happy.
  3. I think CryptoTalk is one of the best out sourcing sites in the world right now. It looks like an airdrop through the Yobit Exchange that may soon be over.Cryptocols should be encouraged as well as paid members, more evenly accepting this one.
  4. Crypto currency is popular all over the world. It's so good. It is helping us a lot in our lives. My country is a little bit rich in terms of cryptocurrency. But in this day the.
  5. Is it true that a friend recommended me to buy digital currency for transaction on CryptoTalk. Crypto Talk helps us a lot to learn more about digital currencies. I think this coin is really dead, then from your friend, what would you recommend for.
  6. I think that selling a panic is not a wise choice because of the market situation since the beginning of this year. In this market panic those who are not versed in trade and psychology of those who are in this market manipulative.
  7. I think those coins are stunning first rate for the long term, But were given to hold up for the best time to buy. These shitcoins are waiting for you to buy them. Best to check the order book in details.
  8. I think that the Chinese use the largest percentage or large percentage of trade and transactions with cryptocurrencies, cina is actively involved in the cryptocurrency market, but cryptocurrency trading plays a key role in restoring bitcoin prices.
  9. Over the past couple of months, we have seen many new coins. It's pretty hard to choose what is good and what is not. I think they have a bright future with the rapid growth of the community as it is today.
  10. I believe that GRIN has potential. Teimos even added this as a payment to bitcointalk. I think having an active developer will also improve the future of the coin, because they continue to find ways to improve its capabilities.
  11. Ethereum rates promise to remain steadily positive until problems are resolved. Early currency offers, and the best option is to attract many people to their project. Because some are offering free coins.
  12. It is very difficult for the market to resist now, so as not to sell, many people look at your balance sheet and lose hope. Keep calm and don’t watch coinmarket capstatistics every day and your life will probably be a little easier.
  13. I think they will have a good future and will be better than the old money system. Crypto will still survive and become more popular. Cryptocurrency has already become a global phenomenon that everyone is hearing about.
  14. It will be completely his fault that he tried it without knowing it properly. But crypto is not responsible for that. Except he is hacked. It is true to avoid real scammers is tough but crypto is not scam.
  15. I think this will happen when bitcoin start to increase more again.of ethereum is good. This currency second most popular in the world. After bitcoin Ethereum rate higher in few year. Ethereum my favorite currency.
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