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  1. Well if this excavation is working then in this case you have to be patient and work hard because mining is not an easy way. Browser digging will depend on your laptop if it can deal with a lot of energy
  2. The posts we focus on contributing to the topic are better than our posts are not deleted by the team
  3. Bitcoin prices dropped so much this month and December. Then in January 2020, Bitcoin will raise again for a minimum of 10000 for $ so 2020 Bitcoin will certainly raise
  4. If you dig the phone, your phone may slowly or worsen and may explode. Mobile mining is not really recommended, it can damage or break your phone if it is unnecessary
  5. If you can't verify it via your email, the support team can do nothing more than get your account back. I don't want to be a bad news provider, but I think you've lost your account
  6. You can do better as a captcha type, you can get 2-4 you can solve more captcha than 1k captcha, even try to tap on the gambling siteyobit has a feature to get freecoins, but the call was not the best option if you are looking to make money
  7. This may change if the user chooses. For me, Binance, Kraken and Coinbase are the best exchanges at the moment. If logic and data, then of course, as one of the best exchanges, Binance will have many answers
  8. The price of Bitcoin will rise after the half, usually after the Bitcoin price increases. This is where Bitcoin prices will rise later. I am very sure that Bitcoin trading will affect other currencies, and will also increase Bitcoin prices.However, the price rise will not coincide with Bitcoin
  9. When the price goes down, you can buy and sell when the rewards go up. But if you want to do more or take a higher risk, go to the Forex platform to make 20 per day which means you need at least 1000 capital in your trading wallet.Think of it as a professional. But if you're a gambler, I would say, $ 50 is enough to make 20 makes per day
  10. We get a lot of news from it. You should try alternative ways to increase your number of news. I think you should not sell this website now. A crypto news website is very important for a crypto lover
  11. If you have at least $ 100-200, you can easily begin to see gains that will soon start to cover bills. If you are careful, of course. So the general idea seems to be -3 100-300. I agree with what you want to tell the truth. Compound interest makes a huge difference over time, and a small amount like $ 10 can grow over time
  12. If you want to create new ones, try doing so. And it must be kept in mind, each person can only have one account. I am sure people with multiple accounts in each forum will be banned.Because it violates the rules of this forum
  13. Here's all that is mentioned, except for one, you need to link both of your cryptocols to your Jobit account in order to receive your payments, otherwise you will be savedYou already know how to create and reply to topics, and I can't add if you read the other 50% complete rules
  14. It reports as spam. Or to make sure you can link to it or out of the subject section. Thanks for sharing.Why don't you use social media for your referral links and should avoid any issues here because no one likes it
  15. There are some people who use bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for different purposes. It is completely banned in my country. Even though I had a simple blockchain launch in my country, I had to disable it due to government regulations
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