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  1. I am always positive with XRP and I also hope for the good in it. It is entirely possible that this year it will be better. Though it may seem difficult, hold it right now.
  2. Yes I would like invest in crypto.Because crypto wald is good earning sait. Many people invest bitcoin from crypto wald.If one has done proper research and gain knowledge it wont be difficult for him to earn Bitcoin
  3. loina13

    Is mining dead?

    No, there is not any reason to be dead. Mining farms are still working properly. There isn't any problem causing mining process to be stopped. There is a competition between crypto miners to win block prizes. So they benefit from this process all the time.
  4. You should post as often as you can and you should post rare, unique and creative contents. Construct your own contents dont copy pasting others work and other people will give you a positive feedback.The best way to gain and maintain reputation here in the forum is always post a useful and relatable topic to the forum
  5. Emotion brings a disaster for positive And resilience and steadiness convey advantage since you resistance will hold onto the principle openings to buy and offer, which makes you're making favors Exchanging is alway acceptable on the off chance that you will pick up information Beware any venture
  6. you come right place because crypto talk main purpose is learn crypto and you do subspecies activities like copy paste abuse forum members repeat topics then your account get banned if you post quality content and useful topics post and your topic like our forum members gives the reputation points its help your reputation increase
  7. that the on whether you have the most brilliant or right rigging to frame a helpful mining, In case have a greatcrypto money. I am looking out for some other large players to dispatch their own coin to be in the profit
  8. Hello guys some one can explen to me first what the minimon price good to investing and profitable i wish some one answer thanks for sharing
  9. But, in case you're a miner, or on the off chance that you're exchange coin to purchase or sell benefit or a item, you're a genuine dealer
  10. Honestly I can't really tell the exact number of coins that will be able to survive this bear market after 2020. too many useless coins are in the market right now and its making difficult to choose the good ones. Maybe the bear will help eliminating them
  11. Yes, bro, you are right to be ready for the worse because in any case make sure that merely don't lose the private data or funds
  12. What makes Monero greater is its history, it has extraordinary use by numerous shippers and showcasing is mind blowing, and in the event that you go to the DeepWeb you see its utilization in more noteworthy detail, I for one consider ONION to be a bombed venture, I was hanging tight for her in a decent trade and never came. I think it worked like an air pocket, its worth is hard to raise, other than I have companions who took an interest there and they were not paid for some work and a mod treated them gravely and they were financial specialists, they gathered numerous Onions, something to that effect, that is the reason there was a Big gigantic dump.
  13. I utilized investbox on yobit to play down the hazard of bring dumped by a few dumpers. I contribute in DOGE. Too i hold a few YO and DASH, i bought a few SEX as well recently when its cost is dumped. I trust i frantic a great choice for holding those coins.
  14. In terms of esteem, it's miles moreover a robust coin you may be in a position make contributions in lengthy-term, and in terms of degree, EOS desires a expansive cpu to run, that's one factor I'm concerned approximately this coin, you may be in a position preserve and maintain up for. Fruit exact luckiness
  15. Using the Trading module in DycoTrade, you can manage all your trading activities, from items and delivery to prices and cash flow
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