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  1. I agree because we know that people who became victim of scam are the one who have no idea about that so try to educate our self and be more wise. Also be more careful about on what you do to earn money because it may lead us to a wrong decision and falls into a scam so be more wise and careful all the time.
  2. I agree that cryptoworld is not a fantasy because all people who engage in crypto earn real money and also loses real money so we cannot say that it is fantasy. All I can say to everyone who is not believe in cryptoworld is try to engage in cryptoworld so that they can really know how crypto is not a fantasy.
  3. Both are profitable but I think more profitable are holding some bitcoin and wait until the price pumps up so that we can earn more and higher profit and it is legit for so many times because we know that bitcoin is unpredictable so maybe if bitcoin goes down that's the time that we can buy it and waits until it goes up then trade it at the higher price so that's how holding a Bitcoin is i think more profitable than trading it.
  4. If I have a lost of coins i think one thing I do is to invest it or hold I then when the price goes up I trade it to earn money. Also i think I can buy some Wattpad books because I love reading those story and that's what I want to do if I have a lots of crypto coins.
  5. I think don't invest in one coin only because it has the risk that maybe you earn loses rather than to esrn higher profit so be wise, try to invest in other coins so there's a big possibility that you can earn mush more profits.
  6. I think all we can do is to support this forum to be more classic and also we can invite more people who wants to be a member of Cryptotalk so that the community will grow rapidly. Also one thing we can do is to follow all the rules and regulations of this forum and If they want to earn more suggestion don't hesitate to suggest because we can or everyone can benefit that too.
  7. I think that they cannot stop cryptocurrency because that is not under there control and also some people want to use cryptocurrency as a part of their daily lives so no one can't stop it. O also believe that government doesn't have any power to crypto so they also have the rights to control it and to stop it.
  8. I use that when some merchants accept bitcoin as a payment and I also purchased something like shirts and etc and it was a big help for me as well. Also I use it in paying bills to help my parents and that's how I use crypto or btc in my daily lives.
  9. Yeah I agree that maybe they don't like cryptocurrency is because of losing invest or become an victim of scam. I'm additional to that mayne because of that their place where cryptocurrency is prohibited so I think as much as they want to engage in some cryptocurrency it is hard for them because of the country that prohibited cryptocurrency and that's my opinion about that.
  10. I think mobile mining and Faucet claiming is good and you can earn profit with that but it has also a bad effects for our health and our life so it is hard to decide. Maybe just do both? Or do that two simultaneously so you can earn money and you balance it well and that I my opinion about that.
  11. If all the networks die, it will be a big problem to everyone because new technology needs a network to work with, specially in crypto because crypto runs with the network and I will be really hard and a huge problem if the network fails and die. Maybe it will be recovered but it is need a long time to continue it again and that's my opinion.
  12. I think all I can do is to help others but not in a way that giving money for free, I will encourage them to earn money but I give a higher price to boost their confidence to work hard for them to earn more money and I think I that way I can changed the world and maybe because of that the poverty will be lessen and that I want to do I have all BTC.
  13. I think try to go I'm some topics that tells about what is cryptocurrency and also in some topics that's tells some tutorials so that's another way to learn cryptocurrency. Also there's a YouTube to watch and to gain knowledge about cryptocurrency so there's a lot of ways.
  14. I think to be successful in crypto we need to have enough learning in all aspects like trading, holding, gambling and etc. Also we need more patience because It is now easy to earn money in a short time so I guess we need to work hard for it and be more patient.
  15. Maybe some one losing interest in bitcoin because Bitcoin is not like in the year 2017 that it's give a higher profit before and maybe because of there personal issues. But I think some people will back their interest because bitcoin now is slowly get it's higher price so I think bitcoin catch again the attention of the investors and I think it is good for bitcoin.
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