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  1. This is really good for people who really want to pursue or continue their career in crypto world. Well for me, I don't have any plans on making crypto as the main source of my income because I still prefer to get a real job and my dream job.
  2. It's true, before I join crypto, I just spend my time by playing computer games and just laying down in my bed and using my phone. But ever since that I discover crypto, I started using my time on productive things like posting in this forum to earn money.
  3. Even me at the first time I found out about cryptocurrencies, I really don't believe my friends that they are really getting paid, but the moment they show me that they are really earning, I started to be interested because it's an easy money. Also they encourage me and teaches me the basic of earning in crypto.
  4. I am familiar and aware about this news about a guy bought pizza using his 10000 bitcoins, well way back then the price of bitcoin is really low that's why he just decided to use it for buying food, no one really have an idea about the price of bitcoin will rise.
  5. The video is very useful especially for us who are still current new in the world of cryptocurrency, those websites will really help us to grow as an crypto enthusiasts because we will learn more about cryptocurrency. Also this will help us to find another way of earning.
  6. I really don't know any blockchain based game, I am also looking for one but I am still not able to find any legit game or application. Most of the games that I tried are not really paying or just a waste of time. Most of them are just scams.
  7. I think bitcoin or cryptocurrency is not really illegal in all of the countries in asia, it's just kind of banned from some countries because as far as I know there are lot of asian countries that is participating in crypto activities. And I think the reason why it's getting banned is because they fear that they can not control the money of people anymore.
  8. I agree those websites are one of the most popular websites that we can use or join to start earning crypto. Bitcointalk is really good because it's one of the forum that existed right after the bitcoin was released, also this forum can give you a lot of campaigns that you can work on.
  9. I also make cryptocurrency as a full time job because it's not really requiring all of my time and I can also work on it while I'm studying because like you, I am also a student. It's really hard to manage our time especially if we are in college, it's really good that earning in this kind of way exists.
  10. Yes the future of our cryptocurrency really depends on how we manage it, if we can maintain to do successful trades then it will be good and if we keep on losing then it will be bad. Having a control on our emotion and greediness will help us to be successful and also studying for more knowledge.
  11. Yes it's better that we should put our money on investments instead of our bad habits, because in that way we can get some money in the future because we have savings. Also if we sum up the the total of our expenses, that amount will surprise us because we will realize that it's better that we just save the money.
  12. It's true, cryptocurrency is not a physical money because it's a digital currency, we can really use crypto on earning money because we can convert it to fiat and then withdraw it everytime we need. As of now government doesn't really consider crypto as a money but some accepts it and legalize it in their country.
  13. Well your action is really risky because you are risking your job where you can earn a stable income every month. If you really can see a bright future ahead in trading then who am I to stop you. This is just a reminder, because for me we shouldn't really make crypto as a main source of our money.
  14. I agree, it's really difficult to say if cryptocurrency will still exist in the future because as time passes by more and more good and advance technology is being developed and released. In the future there might a new type of digital currency that will replace crypto.
  15. Yes, transferring coin to another wallet from yobit exchange is just like simply sending a coin to someone we know. We just need to get the address and make sure that is really copied correctly, because a mistake with address will lead us to lose the coin.
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