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  1. Reputation is nothing special for me, I don't care about it because it is not that useful in this forum, having a lot of reputation doesn't give you anything or it doesn't help you in the way you earn in this forum. It's just a design or it's like people will see it and they will think that you are really a good content creator.
  2. I think as of now this forum doesn't allow us to change our username because they don't have a feature about changing the username. Also it's better that when you are creating your account, provide the username you really want to use for a long time so that you don't need to change it.
  3. I am not familiar about this coin, and because I think it's not popular that's why I am not aware of it. I just trust coins that are popular because they are the one that is profitable, their popularity increases because more people trusts the coin.
  4. I didn't gift anyone with cryptocurrency because that's way more precious than anything, it's better that you just use your cryptocurrency for buying things instead of giving a coin. If your love one is a crypto user then that'll be the great time to gift a crypto.
  5. For me, the instability of the price of cryptocurrency is the best feature because this is where people can earn profit, if the price of coins is stable then holding and trading will be no sense because the price is not moving. There will be no growth of profit because bull run will not happen.
  6. Well wallets are used for storing your cryptocurrencies, because storing it in exchanges are not safe especially it's prone to hacking and you will never know when will the exchange will continue to run that's why it's better to have a wallet account so that you can store your money safely and more secured. Wallets provides addresses that you can use when you want to transfer your money from exchange to a wallet.
  7. As of now Bitcoin is not in a bubble because it's movement is still kind of good, before this coin is in a bubble because it's not really performing well. Well it happens everytime, since this coin is not a perfect coin and there is no coin that is perfect.
  8. Coinbase and Blockchain wallet are the most popular wallets available in the cryptoworld, because they are the wallet that is existing for a long time. As of now I am not using any of those wallet because I am already fine with using the wallet that is only accessible on our country.
  9. I am also experiencing this at the moment, I am not able to send my earnings to my bitcoin balance again. It happens every month I think, and it's just a problem in their server. The only thing you need to do is be patient and wait because after some time, you will be able to transfer it again.
  10. The only thing you need when you trade is have patience and knowledge. If you have knowledge, you will know what are the right thing to do, when is the right time to trade and also what are the things you need to avoid in order to avoid losing your money. Patience is also needed since it's the key to success.
  11. This is a really good news for gamers like because it will be easier of us to buy the games, especially ubisoft offers really good games like assassin's creed and my favorite the watch dogs, I am looking forward to this because I am planning to buy the Watch Dogs: Legion which will be released this year.
  12. As far as I know you can not directly convert your cryptocurrency using hardware wallets, you will always still need an access to platforms or other wallets where you will be able to buy other coins. Hardware wallets are just for storing because it's way more secured.
  13. I am from Philippines and I am not really aware about the news where a crypto valley exists in our country, it is really good because I thought only few people uses crypto in here. It's also good that dubai supports cryptocurrency because their country is one of the richest country in the world.
  14. The only thing I know about whales is they are the reason why the price of some cryptocurrency coin or token changes really fast, their actions in the market have a really big impact at the market. It's like they can manipulate the prices of coins.
  15. Yes it's safe to invest in cryptocurrency especially if you know what you are doing, investing on cryptocurrency has a timing, because once you started buying coins while their price is still high, you will have a hard time on getting a good profit event the bull run came. It's better to buy coins when it's bearish.
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