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  1. I'm afraid without Mimblewimble and some other stuff to differentiate LiteCoin from other Alts....well...we are doomed without a combination of the twoI just mentioned. Past the point where LiteCoin needs to have some development tricks outside out of the 95% or more simply following Bitcoin Coresdevelopment team leads. Without striking out on its own, IMHO, LiteCoin will be made redundant I'm afraid. LTC needs to stake some stuff out as its own...like Mimblewimble to start.....in the past, it has been too much Robin and not enough Batman! Brad
  2. We have that pattern that we've seen before which makes us think that alts will just go up same with bitcoin. It really takes time to see that season. Holders just remain steadfast and wait until the time of harvesting comes. It's been worth it to see that moment when our coins are skyrocketing, not for now but right time will come.
  3. You can mine eMark at� autoexchange mining pool Zergpool.com at 0.5% fee. Please use following commands for different mining options � �Option 1 Auto coin switch by profitability within algorithm with payment to wallet Code
  4. ou can just hope that your tokens get listed on better exchanges with high volume and if you are confused or under stress about your holding i think it is better to get rid of them, only hodl if you are confident about the project and team, in that case you should support the project and wait for good market gains before taking profit.
  5. If you are doubting when to buy or sell ethereum, why not bother to learn some technical analysis or indicators for you to know when is the right time to buy such coins like ethereum. And I disagree that ETH is not doing well this year, it is still strong and doing good. I still gain profits from it. Maybe you are just pessimistic about ethereum but I can still see that it had a great potential.
  6. IEO already profitable in binance exchange since like my some friends was leaving ICO before year 2018 mid but now there again come back for IEO. So i can expect that everyone investors will be happy for participating invest in IEO.
  7. hat, are you really sure about what you said in this thread ??i am not too update news about LIBRA project, i just heared it born and have official website and whitepaper with LIBRA coin.if you said is true, we must stop it together, i don't want my crypto become something other.i love cryptocurrency and let's we protect it together.
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