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  1. I think the ranking system if crypto talk depend kn your posts.If you post correctly and if you post meaningful posts.Then people will love your posts.And how many you get love react from people your rank will increase. And then your rank will go high.
  2. mahadi01


    I have left the bitcointalk forum because they have made rules to create an account that must pay for activation.
  3. This is a server problem not only facing you, this problem facing all the user of this forum. So dont worry dear your and our all balance can be send btc wallet when this problem fix.
  4. Factor your commerce within the money as you run your trade. Take all criteria of victory and profit. Trade foreign trade you would like to oversee as great because it works.
  5. Making money here is not the issue but what really happened is that, can you keep to the rules and regulations of the forum.
  6. You are right because many people do this to others because they may have some enemity or vendetta against them. The admins need to check a report before someone can report the other.
  7. mahadi01

    Exchange Fees

    Welcome to the club. These two are my choices when I think to trade a coin.
  8. Bitcoin mining was a great pastime with unprecedented profits in 2009 and 2010, but news about technology began to spread among tech enthusiasts.
  9. I think you don't believe these two so you say you can't answer it because if you worked on it and knew about it you could answer it.
  10. Honestly? How can we know that? Day by day the number of users are growing and growing and i think they are from different is hard to know it my friend.and there are no country option here to know that.i am from philippines.
  11. I am totally agree with .I greatly suggest a new feature for the forum.its a very good feature will helps us to use it more widely.
  12. Hey that is good to hear. It means that slowly by slowly, companies from all over the place really do accpet crypto now and support it in a way that they catch people's attention and interest. I hope it will continue so that it will bring another potential crypto users.
  13. Bitcoins are very solid, even if it is old tech. Other coins might be innovative and all, but no one will move everything into them. Bitcoin is like gold and all else are other precious stones. That's my take on it. Even if I know that bitcoins are the least innovative.
  14. You can earn from here by replying on a topic and your typing skill will improve day by day. Also get opportunity to share your knowledge with others without any hesitation.You can learn from here and grow your knowledge and also get paid by typing.
  15. we all are facing the same problem. you already can find so many posts about this fact. We don't grasp the meticulous intention 100% but the lot will be pull up before long.
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