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  1. I don't want to say that it is impossible but it does take some big events to convert the price of a currency into sufficient quantity already. Don't compare today to years ago. In the first days of crypto, prices were very low
  2. Gore for more in-depth information about Bitcoin. This will be explained more closely about the increase in Bitcoin disposable knowledge of energy. Get a deeper look at Bitcoin by showing a minute ago shot on the Internet or YouTube.
  3. Look at the price chart for a given period, with all the necessary links related to the currency, the current currency of the currency, the number of currencies issued and the circulation number. Link to the exchange. This site helps a lot for me. The currency name is easy to type and it displays all the required information.
  4. But the top is if you start your investment at this point or stay for a reasonable period of time or your investment starts, or the best idea you see for capital gains is jump trading so you bottle every single pile of profit and maybe one day you will be another human being. Like it has to be deep.
  5. The answer is that there is no single application or website that is definitely not second-hand to make money, and if you want to make money, especially your lender.
  6. The real investment site is that you can make good money and invest with Eobit, you can rely heavily on this investment. And you can work with attention, make the best of them they do not work side by side with food
  7. But of course, long-term investments in top currency are sometimes risky in the cryptocurrency space, because you know that a lot of bitcoins have disappeared and your holding probably won't exist any day. General Chat Lounge On the other hand, short-term investors can go anywhere
  8. You need more conversation after you comment and if you are different, you can leave new comments on the same topic, but without them I should not do this.
  9. If you have any ideas, you'll be informed later. So Bitcoin cannot be neglected or eliminated. I think if Bitcoin is always the best for us, then Bitcoin will never go down limited It will be in demand due to limited supply.
  10. Basically the use of robots or AI technology in trading is something I can never do well because AI or a robot is a programmed thing that only follows instructions that can have complex ways of thinking and making decisions unlike human beings, especially trading. I like trading more.
  11. I recommend everyone to rethink as profits can come at the same time. The dominant system lately is a rich fast treatment in promoting bitcoin and from my experience it has always had dire consequences.
  12. Read their answer and look for the value, if you get it and give them feedback, then surely one is enough. Impossible because people like every reply because not everyone likes your post. Think realistically, it's sharing forums, and valuable information is needed more than feedback.
  13. In order to have good programming access to trading, of course, we first need to decode the currency or the entire market, and as we all know will be difficult or possibly impossible, no one can do that for years to come.
  14. How can we spend 20 hours on 1500 Satoshi? We have to do other things too. And about sleeping all day without doing anything, how can a person survive in such an attitude? I believe nobody wants this idea.
  15. Everyone has to share each other's experiences and experiences about Cryptos.i, and I know there are a lot of things I appreciate about being in this forum, why learning about cryptos can spread good content for all members of Cryptocurrency.
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